Thursday, 31 August 2017

100wc t3 w6 Jordon

I was in the car and driving down the street minding my business when i saw a lot of bulbs on the street but i ran  them over. When i got to my house i went inside but my feet up and watched uk tv then suddenly it went dark and i saw a big person covered with a current of electricity he looked at me then shot a current at the tv and then i ran upstairs and hid in my bathroom but he followed me so i got my shower head and got him then he faded away.

100WC T3 W6 James

Me and my friends are having an adventure in my addict. I found so many things I never knew we had like a ping pong table, pacman machine, a gumball dispenser, computers and so much more. We must of spent hours in the addict and never found something we haven’t played with. We were just about to leave for dinner but then it suddenly went dark. We were so scared that one of my friends almost peed his pants and then we heard a creaking noise and we all ran faster than light to the hall. We were so relieved.  

Wednesday, 30 August 2017


Aren't lights fascinating. All of a sudden it when dark. This was because I turned the light switch off. Isn't this amazing how there can be light, and then no light in seconds. There are lights on cars, trucks, street lights, lots of things. They even have lights on ovens and water proof  lights so you can see what your doing outside when it's dark which is very handy. When you think about it it would be very hard to do lots of things without lights…...

Rosie 100WC W6

The Best Story I Never Wrote

I sat down staring at my computer, unenthusiastic to start. Sometimes I really can’t be bothered to write this short story, even though it’s only one hundred words. My one hundred word challenge, it’s really not that bad just the thought of starting sort of puts me off. Oh well, I started writing. I had a good idea, the boy who could fly. I was quite proud of my work, probably the best I have ever done! I shut my computer, satisfied. Then suddenly it went dark, I was in my bed curled up in my blankets. A dream REALLY?

Max 100wc T3W6

Jim and Frank were both professional boxers that were very competitive. One day when Frank was fighting he was knocked out after the match all Frank would say was “then suddenly it went dark.” every one knew it was just Frank remembering himself being knocked out but he thought it was night time. So any time he saw pitch blackness he started would start yelling out someone help me i can't see ahhh i need a doctor someone help me. Jim always tried to help Frank but couldn't do much to help Frank even when he wanted to the most.

100WC T3W6

One beautiful, fine day
I saw a cat that was a stray
It was limping from head to paw
And right next to it was a bright blue straw
The cat looked very hurt
So it was trying to stay alert
That’s when I felt so sad
And it occurred to me that people can be so bad
I then accidentally made a sound
As the cat turned around
It looked very brown
All it did was run after me
Like it was a catfish out of the sea
I finally made a mark

Then suddenly it went dark

Tuesday, 29 August 2017

๐Ÿ–ค Poppy 100WC T3W6 ๐Ÿ–ค

I was walking down the street then suddenly it went dark, I freaked out, all the things around me disappeared. I kept walking until a bright light shone into my eyes, I walked towards it but something stopped me from going any further, it was like an invisible screen was stopping me. I decided to sit down so I went towards a small chair but I accidentally tripped and when I did I heard laughter, I turned around to see a whole audience I watching me. I realised I was trapped in a screen.

Lui 100WC T3 W6

It was a silent night I was home alone because my parents were out at a family function. Being a 10-year-old girl I was very scared of the dark, and always wondered what could be lurking in the darkness of the hallway. I turned all of the lights on in the house, locked all of the doors, shut all the curtains and kept my dad’s baseball jacket. I heard a creaking noise. As the noise came closer to my room I hid under the blankets I had a little lantern with me but then suddenly it went dark.

Sam 100WC T3W6

After working hard on my Boring math homework I decided to take a break. I went outside and felt the warmth of the sun hit me like a tornado. I then felt the fur of my labrador Bessie snuggling up to my leg and immediately felt comforted.  But I noticed that it was getting darker and darker. “ Mum I think the sky is falling’!! I screamed. Then suddenly it went dark. My mum came outside and told me it was just the solar eclipse. I sighed with relief and put my sunglasses on to watch the moon cover the sun.

Corbin 100WC T3W6

I was bathing in the sun then suddenly it went dark. I looked up to the sky but I couldn't see anything, something was blinding my eyes and that something was the eclipse. Even putting on my dark sunglasses I still couldn’t see. I took a photo, but the photo was just a bright blurb in the sky. Is this where the sun is going to blow up the earth. Well that’s not good. Maybe I’ll just take a walk down the road and be free before I die. Then it disappeared I yelled out, “well that was nothing”.

Rylee 100WC T3W6

100WC T3W6

Roaming the streets of London, I block the sun from my eyes. I stroll with my bags in my hands. I love the smell of flowers through the city. Then suddenly it went dark. I looked at my watch to see what the time was but I couldn’t see. I looked up to the sky to see what was going on and there were loud screams throughout the city. The moon was over the sun. It was the first time I’ve experienced an eclipse (I was excited). Everyone was running and hiding but I stayed on the streets watching it.

Monday, 28 August 2017

Ashton 100WC T3 W6

“Allan!! Allan!! Wake up you’re almost late for the train go now have breakfast on the train go Now!!” I scurried down stairs and got my morning cereal and rushed outside and ran my fastest to the train stop luckily I got there just in time and rushed on the train swiped my card and sat down in a seat. I got off the train and went to my office. Once I had got up to my office I sat down,then suddenly it went dark and I fell down the stairs and my body was shearing in pain and then Boom! Crash! nothing.

Jordi 100WC T3 W6

Millions of silver, glistening, diamonds were displayed on the rocky walls of the tunnel.  I yanked a huge piece of a diamond out of the thick crusty wall.  ‘Grrr grrr’ the gritty walls of the tunnel came crumbling down towards me and then suddenly it went dark as they blocked the exit of the tunnel. I knew I would have to find another way out. Blinded by the darkness I scanned the floors of the tunnel until I saw a weak beam of light coming through the room.  I carefully climbed up towards the light until I was finally free.

Sunday, 27 August 2017

Ryan 100 WC W6

“Then suddenly it went dark”. Those were the last words my grandad before his death. Hi, my name is Egan Lagel , and i’m going to give you a little inside of me and my grandad. Me and my grandad were inseparable, we loved each other soo much, we could never leave each other, until one night. One night my grandpa was going to the diary to go get bread and eggs, but then suddenly it went dark. I never knew why my parents said it went dark. But after that day, I never saw him again. I still miss him.

Izzy 100WC T3W6

I crawl around the corner of my sister bedroom ready to pounce like a tiger. “Gotcha,” I yell. She laughs as I cling onto her arm. “ Okay, Okay I’ll be in,” she laughs. I let go of her and run down the hallway giggling, me and my sister always play together she’s the best! Even though she’s 7 years older than me! Then suddenly it went dark. “Clare” I yell, “ the eclipse are happening,” she veers around the corner putting her arm around me, while we watch.  “It’s definitely something you don't see everyday,” I say smiling at my sister.

Benji 100WC T3W6 xD


Stan was working at flaming fast burgers Hq in Seattle Washington. He had just come in for his night shift as a security surveillance monitor. The time seemed to never go by. There was no one in the building at that time of night and he was getting so bored he decided to go get a bite to eat at the huge cafeteria.Wue camera light to navigate back to the surveillance. He saw men with clown masks on and tried to escape. But it was too late.

Bradley 100WC T3W6

Andre and his friend aren’t your typical teen’s. Every day they sneak out to do some naughty things that I shouldn’t mention, but one day they snuck out to do some shoplifting. They planned to rob the dairy and get some bubblegum. Andre went in and distracted the shopkeeper talking about the solar eclipse the other day and as soon one of his friends ran off the shop keeper pulled out a metal softball bat then suddenly it went dark one of Andre’s friends turned off the power and they all got away from the crime they committed that day.

Alice WK6 T3 100WC

Kayla and her teenage friends snuck out to a midnight party. “OMG this is going to be the best night ever!!” Kayla said enthusiastically to her friends. They all agreed and the night went on…… Then suddenly it went dark and mass amounts of gunfire went off. Everyone screamed and scattered in all directions, including Kayla who started to regret sneaking out as she attempted to run away from danger. People around her dropped around her like dead flies. Please, please not me, I will never run away again!!! Kayla said miserably in her head. Then everything went black quickly…..


My family and I all live on a farm.
One day we were out in our garden
getting all of our vegetables for our feast.
We noticed that the sky was going
darker and darker. I wondered what
was happening. I ran into the
house to ask my mum. She came
outside and said that it was an eclipse
and that I needed to go and get
my sunglasses. I hadn’t heard of
an eclipse before so I did as she said.
When I got back she explained
what it was and then suddenly
it went dark. It was amazing.

Connor 100 WC W6 T3

It was a dark and stormy night. I was about to go to bed when I heard a tapping sound on my window. "Who's there?" I shouted. Suddenly there was a flash of lightning; I saw a face at the window. It looked like an alien ... an alien that I had seen on the television show. "I felt very scared. I ran to my bed and pulled my blankets over my head. I started to shout for my parents but there was no reply. Then I remembered that they were looking at the Eclipse of the Sun. Then suddenly it went dark and I woke realising that I had just had a bad nightmare.

Thursday, 24 August 2017

Charlie 100Wc T3 W5

I rise to find the water has stopped dripping through the cracks. Outside I see the pencil shaded clouds drifting away in the distance. The sky’s just beginning to clear. I step onto the street, as a thunderous rumbling noise echos across the valley. 10 tons of dirt come cascading down the mountain. As it came rushing towards me I stood there in shock at the shere mercy of this monster. I raced down the road. I could hear screams, as it reached the village edge. Dirt is now being sprayed across my ankles.  Then my world turns...  black.

Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Natasha 100WC T3W5

Clear bright blue was painted through the horizon as Mary and her trusty dog Jack woke up to do their morning running. The wind was hitting the yellowish trees, and the October breeze was swaying around Mary as she jogged outside. Everything seemed fine, and the weather was nice and warm. Then suddenly a figure appeared right in front of Mary and Jack, only a few meters away. Instantaneously they stopped. As it came rushing towards us we, stood in their spot for a moment, but then Mary took action, gently pulled Jack’s collar and sprinted with all her energy.

Jordi 100WC T3W5

{ Abracadabra poof } 3 dozen gallons of ice cream teleport into the middle of the field. “ Yummy ’’. Nora and I were about to grab the camera to take a photo of this edible masterpiece. But the ice cream suddenly melted. I know what you're thinking, ice cream doesn't malt in 30 seconds. Although this wasn't ordinary ice cream, this was magical ice cream. Mmm just saying those words I feel like i’m dreaming. The ice cream twirled and tumbled as it started to pour down. As it came rushing towards us, we layed back on our new ice cream slide celebrating.

Rosie 100WC T3W5

The Awesome Foursome

“Oi I see a car!!!” Shouted Matty. “Aye, what did he say? Oh a car, Chase it!” Replied Barker. As it came rushing towards us we started to chase. There were dogs wandering on the street. Matty the german shepherd leader, Barker The golden Labrador, Matty’s sidekick and then there was Jasper and Casper the twin curly coat retrievers. Everyone knew them. People see them every morning out of their windows or while in their gardens. Some called them ‘the awesome foursome’ and some, ‘a nuisance’. They stuck together and looked after each other. Some humans could learn from them.

The Hallucinating Hobo

I was walking down a dodgy side walk when I saw a hobo eating his foot. I walked to him and asked him why are you chewing your foot? As he turned around I notice that he was hallucinating so I just walked off. Then I saw a garbage truck pick up the hobo guy with a garbage catcher thing, and then it drove towards me. As it came rushing towards me, me and a random cat jumped out of the way. With a click of a finger I woke up to see the hallucinating hobo sitting next to me.
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I saw this really cute little puppy down the road. As it came rushing towards us a put my hands out to catch it. I heard aloud noise and all of a sudden a bunch of dust swarmed around me. I couldn't see the little puppy anymore. Gray dark dust  Lots of loud noises all around me. Bang! I felt myself lift up and be thrown back landing on the cold hard ground.As I lay there the little puppy came and lay on my chest. Me and the little puppy lived happy ever after the end.

๐Ÿ–ค Poppy T3W5 100WC

We ran down the hill, we didn’t really know where we were going, we just ran. We stopped at a big tree to catch my breath but we had to keep running because we didn’t want to get caught. We took a left turn then a right and we came to our hut, we gathered as much as we could carry. We put it all in my backpacks and ran. We ran up another hill then left towards the exit of the forest. As it came rushing towards us we freaked out.

Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Lui T3 W5

Everyone in the city of wellington thought that today would just be a normal day but what was about to happen was beyond anybody's beliefs. An giant 9.1 magnitude earthquake has just hit Wellington, everybody was scavenging for their lives as a giant crack runs along the top half of the Beehive. The last piece of concrete chips away and the top rolls off. Jamie one of the survivors of this tragic event said “as it came rushing towards us we jumped inside someone's   empty car and we just managed to make it out of this killing balls way.”

Ashton 100WC T3 W4

I’m Hasan Bello I have no food or money nor do I have a place to live, I can only live off stealing and it’s just not right.I live in East Africa,Zimbabwe we are not a rich country.

Today I was just walking down the round to my friend at the bakery as I approached him I waved and sat down. All of a sudden we heard sirens so immediately we ran outside and had a look of what was happening we saw water closing in fast, as it came rushing towards us we ran but we knew it was too late so we just stopped and looked at each other for last time ever as it swept us away I knew I was dieing with my friend and all just went black.

Monday, 21 August 2017

Emma T3W5

My family was driving home from the movies when suddenly a shadow fell over the car. Me and my brother looked around and saw the strangest creature ever. It was a zebra the size of a whale, but instead of zebra legs it had two pairs of frog legs as well as a huge fish tail. As it came rushing towards us we both screamed, and Dad looked around and sped up, quickly turning corners until the preposterous thing was out of sight. We were very shaken, but as a prank decided not to tell the police about the monster.

Emma T3W4

Once there was a greedy queen who wanted a lifelike robot, she went to her TV, took it apart and reprogrammed it until the alien president flickered into view. She explained that only he could make a perfect robot, but she didn’t know that the aliens had no idea how to make robots. He just said, “I’ll try my best.” Two days later a huge parcel zoomed down to earth, and when the queen opened it she found what she thought was a robot that looked and acted exactly like a real seal, but really it was just a seal.

Bradley 100WC T3W5

My alarm clock beeped saying time to wake up I didn’t want to go but had to. I took the bus to and from school I liked it because you meet knew people. But you also become late. By the way my name is Logan and I go to Minnehaha Academy.Science is in first period today I was afraid I was going to be late which I was, I signed then I heard a boom and the receptionist looked down the corridor and saw flames as it came rushing towards us we ran straight out escaping with minor burns.

Rylee 100WC T3W5

We roamed the streets of Barcelona city. We were only here for a holiday and I was excited to see all of the ancient towers. I  breathed in the scent that was flowing through the air. The sound of people talking over powered the cars motors. All of a sudden people started to run, I wasn't sure what was going on. Waves topple over buildings and innocent lives washed away. As it rushed towards us we start to run faster. All these questions are running through my mind what is this? How did it happen? Next thing I can’t breath…...

Alice T3WK4 100WC

“Stop Ethan!!” I cried. This is what our cramped family car sounded like when we went on long car trips. It was me, my irritating brother Ethan, mum and dad and we were going on a tropical holiday in Tonga. Suddenly a massive wild dog and it’s week old puppy jumped on the road in front of us. The poor dog only wanted to protect her puppy……. As it came rushing towards us we all screamed and dad slammed on the brakes, the old car skidding from the sudden stop……...We breathed a sigh of relief, it was all ok.

Max T3W5

One day Jim and I decided to go to Africa because they thought it would be cool to see all of the wild animals roaming around. So that day Jim and I hoped on the plane to Africa. The next day Jim and I went to explore the wild but that was a bad idea because that was the lions feeding time. While Jim and I were looking around we saw some lions but then the lions started rushing towards us and as it was rushing towards us we jumped in the car and drove away and never came back.

Sunday, 20 August 2017

100 WC

“As it came rushing towards us we”. That was the start of my fantabulous story. Hello my name is Sarah Jacobson and i’m planning to be the most inspirational writer that ever set’s lead to a book. I dream non stop about it, I really hope it comes true. Some of my favourite writers are Edgar Allen Poe, William Shakespeare, JK rowling and my favourite, Dr Seuss. I’d like to be a poet when i’m older because you can just make up rhymes all day long and write fascinating stories that will

never stop. I want to be the greatest.

Benji แต€³แต‚⁵

“Another earthquake hitting the west coast of the US, many leave but some decide to stay reluctant.”

All over the news. Ethan and I both lived on a small hill in LA. Two days after the coastal earthquakes there was a lot of panic about a tsunami and the traffic didn't move. Ethan and I thought they were pretty safe on the hill and decided to wait it out instead of waiting in the horrible not moving traffic. As it came rushing towards us we realized we were right in its path. There was no way we were getting out.

Sam 100WC T3W5

As me and my best friend Isabella strolled down the gorgeous streets of Barcelona we inhaled the sweet aroma of churros and we felt a rush of excitement. Today is especially pretty with the temperature at 25 degrees and the city filled with chatty and happy people. I spun my head around to see Isabella’s frightened face and looked forward to see a vehicle plowing down the streets and taking people as he went. As it came rushing towards us we screamed I pushed Isabella out of the way but didn’t have time to get out of the way myself…..


I was on holiday in Barcelona me and
friends were crossing the road when we
heard a bang and screaming. I looked
behind me and a black van was coming
towards us. As it came rushing towards us
we heard someone yell run so we all hid in
an alley off the main street. We saw the van
rush past us. After a few minutes everything
went silent so we walked out to see the
damage. There was hundreds of people
scattered on the road a lot of them were dead.
I felt sick who would do such a thing.

Matthew Herbert 100WC W5 T3

Me and my friend Jordon went to America for a holiday.We took a fancy plane and touched down in America 5 hours later When we got there we got a rental car and drove down the road and parked at our Hotel.At that exact moment we heard people shouting loudly.We went and cheeked it out only to find a riot going on.We tried walking through the crowd and turned around to see a car start driving.As it came rushing towards us we ran for cover but i fell and the car ran over my foot...

Izzy 100WC T3W5

The bombs blew off cracking hard in my mind. We were under attack! Thoughts galloped in my mind. Who are they? Whats happening? My mother shouted at me saying to get down. But I was too late. As it came rushing towards us we could only run. I rushed to my mother's side as the violence threats continued. Kneeling down beside my family holding them close. Embracing maybe our last moment, we had never been attacked before. Where a safe country, right? More questions came to my frightened mind. How long would this terrorist attack go on? Would I survive?

Corbin 100WC T3W5

Me and my friend Kody were running down the mountain. We took a two minute break so we looked up at the mountain. Kody chatted to me “I hear some strange noises” “No it’s just the bird’s Kody”, I’m not joking I can hear something”. Then the ground started rumbling “can you hear it now Kody yelled” “ of course I can” “ you should have told me that in the first place”. Me and Kody glanced up oh no it’s a landslide. As it came rushing towards as, well we would do what anyone else would do run for our life's.

Connor 100WC T3 W5

It was a balmy day and the weather was finally starting to get better, my family and I decided to take a quick dip in the ocean before it got dark. When we got there the water was right out. So we decided to discover more, then mum suddenly yelled; “it’s a tsunami, run!” As it came rushing towards us we  ran back to the car and grabbed our surfboards, We quickly ran back towards the water and we got ready for the wave to hit us, I was so frightened because the wave was so huge. Then all of a sudden it hit us like a truck and we were heading towards the end of the beach.

Thursday, 17 August 2017

Morgan 100WC T3W4

One day I saw a laughing seal so I walked up to him and asked him what he was laughing at ?
the seal said, “ I was laughing at this dumb penguin that kept running into me so i ate him like a big mac combo.”
“how do you now what a macdonalds is?”
“I'm the world's smartest seal” said the seal. then i decided to take him to mcdonald's. but when we arrived there was problem. everyone ran off. i thought it was the seal but then i realized i had a monstrous zit on my teeny forehead.

The End.
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There once was a very fat seal pup who loved to go swimming. One day the seal pup saw a massive fat sea lion swimming where she normally swam and then it went to eat a baby penguin but the sea lion hit its face on the rocks that were covered in penguin poo. That made the seal pup burst into laughter it made the seal pups day but the sea lion saw the that the seal pup was laughing so it went over to attack it but the seal pup got away just by an inch of her life.


Hi my name tommy I am I  happy little guy. I love sardines and squid. I have everything I could ever want , a full tummy , a nice warm clam shell to live in. Ah my life is pretty good. I love being a seal. I have the biggest race ever tomorrow i have been training for so long. All the sea creatures get together and swim around the island 2 times. I have been training for ages. My biggest competition is billy billy the seahorse he won it last year and when i was walking home from fish school i saw him training.I hope i do well this year wish me luck.

Wednesday, 16 August 2017

100WC T3W4

‘’Hey, what’s up freddy?’’ I said to my sea lion buddy in the world. He just  waved, this gesture got me upset because he was always so sealy, I had no idea why he wasn’t today, so I swam down to him and said ‘’are you feeling okay?’’ Then he told me the whole terrible story, that he failed his first exam of the semester at Seal School, this was really a bad thing. Freddy looked like he was very upset so I got an idea, I am going to try and cheer Freddy up. My jokes made Freddy laugh a lot.

Charlie 100WC T3W4

I’m sitting there eating my yummy fish in peace when I hear a noise. It's not like any noise I've heard before. There's something moving. Now I'm a curious seal so I edge forward cautiously. The creature steps out into clear view and I finally see its whole body. I start to crack up. This creature is so bright almost blinding against the white landscape.  I laugh so hard I roll around and they can see my double chin. Suddenly there's a click and a flash. Very entertaining. I like this thing, I’m going to call it a zib.

Tuesday, 15 August 2017

๐Ÿ–ค Poppy 100WC T3W4 ๐Ÿ–ค

“A Achoooooooooooo” Timmy the sea lion burst out laughing because Bob the sea lion had sneezed his fish out he had just eaten. “Eww that's disgusting” said Mary the sea lion, the other two sea lions burst out laughing again at Mary’s comment. Then along came Mama sea lion and all the three stopped and stood still, “what on earth is going on here” Mama said, Bob explained everything then Mama burst out with laughter. “WHAT IS SO FUNNY!?” a voice from behind all of them yelled, they all turned around to see Daddy sea lion was at the door.

Alice T3WK4 100WC

Jim Seeler the seal seems like your everyday wild seal. Playing, eating like every other seal…. But there is a little twist, Jim is actually an undercover animal spy who fights killer whales off and saves the good citizens of Seal Town. Jim loves to smile and laugh at the villains he has just executed. His current mission is: killer whale [John] is coming in from the South East and he is eyeing up a new born Seal baby and its mother. Jim doesn’t waste one more second, he power kicks the killer whale and it swims away in defeat.

100WC James Vickery T3 W4

A seal was swimming in cold sea under -9 degrees celsius. He saw lots of fish big that he wanted to eat but they all swam from him. It was a bad day for him. A Massive shark almost ate him as well and so did a whale also many other things high in the food chain. His girlfriend broke up with him and the doctor told him that he had cancer and he was going to die but the seal jumped out of the water and made a funny face and felt happy even though his day was terrible.

Monday, 14 August 2017

Bradley 100WC T3W4

Funny Stuff

This is a story on a explorer who found a remote island that is quite out of the ordinary he spotted an island unnamed on a satellite image. He sailed over the seas to get to the island, his boat docked upon the jagged rocks and looked at the island taking it all in on where he was. He stared hard at what he thought was a wasps nest on the rocks so he moved closer to the mysterious “nest” and was surprised to see a seal laughing at him, and named the creature the laughing seal and became famous.

Sam 100WC T3W4

“ Right class today we will start off the lesson with 4 lengths of backstroke then 4 lengths of  freestyle.” Lenny the sea lion has a very different job than a lot of the sea lions in iceberg village. He teaches humans how to swim. As soon as his 5 students tried to dive in the cool water Lenny burst into a fit of laughter. “ They look like a bunch of hippos trying to fly!” Lenny exclaimed. But that didn’t phase Lenny because he knew with determination and hard work he would be able to turn them all into great swimmers.

Ashton 100WC T3 W4

“Hey joey what you up to mate!” Noah shouted from the other side of ragged rocks. “Oh yeah just getting a good old afternoon suntan” Joey shouted back. They both made their way to the top of the of the sharp and slippery rocks to get a view of what they were going to try and hunt. They spotted their targets and made their way back down it would take hours for them to get down they are as slow as a snail. All of a sudden Noah slipped up and Joey burst out with laughter and couldn’t stop he fell to the ground and almost couldn’t breath.

100WC W4 Rosie

Harold The Seal

Harrold the seal was a friendly guy he sat on his rock everyday watching other seals grow. He watched them have fun and splash around in the water. Though he was old, he was very much energized and up with it. Harrold gave great advice and he was like a grandpa to all the younger seals. He played and he made them laugh, He was certainly loved. He had his own family who he loved more than anything. They weren't jealous of him being so loved by the community. His family will always have a special place in Harrold’s Heart.

!00 WC WK4

Today I will give you guys a quick summary about seals. Seals are amazing creatures that live in cold parts of the world. Seals are semiaquatic marine mammals. They have four flippers, so are in a category of animals known as pinnipedia which means 'fin-footed'. There are around 33 species of seals. Seals are found in most waters of the world, mainly in the Arctic and Antarctic but also in some areas of the tropics. One more fact to end this great piece of work. A seal's whiskers help it to detect prey in dark murky waters. Seals are great.

Rylee 100WC T3W4

100WC T3W4

Skipping along in the water I take a deep breath to the surface. The hunters are ready to come in the water. I sink to the ocean floor and get a  grip around me. Ropes pull me in closer as the guns get ready to fire. There a bang and next thing I know i'm swimming for my life. Two divers chasing after me but my tail takes me as fast as I can go. I find myself upon the rock me and my best friends  go on all the time. I lost them. Sitting, laughing I know i'm safe.

Connor 100 WC T3, W4

It was the 1st of April which meant it was April fools. I thought I will play a trick on my
Lenny the seal and see how he reacts.

I had made sure I had got up nice and early.
Lenny was on the side of a rock fast asleep, I had the perfect opportunity to push
him into the water. I crept up on him so he couldn't hear my thumping footsteps, I was just
about to push him in when he snapped at my legs pulling me into the water
When I bobbed up again he yelled “April Fools is on you” and he laid back down
cracking up with laughter.

Sunday, 13 August 2017

Benji T3W5

Jerry and stan are two seals who live in a San Francisco Bay. One fine day a couple no-good kids came strolling down the bay, they were laughing and pointing at Jerry and stan, stan went around the back of them and knocked a couple of chairs behind their legs. Jerry was still distracting the people. While he was stan managed to quickly swim beneath where the people were laughing and jumped out of the water leaping past them back into the water, frightening them so much they fell into the water. All seals laughed hard very hard that day.

Corbin 100WC T3W4

I was sitting there just laughing at Jeff while bathing in the sun. I felt so creamy and delicious just  if Jeff would shut up and be quiet for once. I had a fresh warm blanket of leaves smooth like moisturizer. Jeff bounded up onto my snuggly blanket and pushed me off, I was so bitter, I bounded back up onto him and punched him right in the gut’s “ that’s payback for pushing me off and taking my bathing place ” Jeff was down rolling on the ground I just yelled “ tough luck Jeff it’s my place up here I’m the king ”.

Izzy 100WC T3W4

I scramble onto my rock from yet another hunt for some food. I feel like I'm honestly the slowest seal in the world. I never catch any good fish and that makes me hungry! I get so hungry, I mean I’m a seal, I’m supposed to be hungry right? As I sit on my shiny, smooth rock, setting up for another good nap, I catch a glimpse of my mate, Bart. “AHAH,” I laugh. Bart just fell off his rock and now his rock has been taken by an angry looking seagull. “ Goodluck getting your rock back Bart,” I shout.


These rocks are too sharp ouch! I wish that i could just roll around in the sand underneath the bright glowy bally thing. It is so warm and is so much better than that freezing cold liquid blue stuff. Ah! This seaweed is silky oh this is tickly hahahaha! All of my friends have parents i don't any of those so I live with my Aunty now. She told me that my parents didn't think that they could provide for me this makes me quiet sad because my friend james looks like he has so much fun with his dad.


I was having the weirdest
dream. I was on the beach at
Mount Maunganui and we went
past some rocks. I could see
a big lump on one of the rocks,
It was a seal. Well I think it was.
I climbed over top of some rocks
to have a closer look. It was
definitely a Seal.
It was cream coloured and its mouth was
wide open. I think that it was laughing.
NO that was impossible.
I stared at the
Seal. It looked at
me and said hi.
I couldn’t believe it, at that
moment I woke up scared.

Thursday, 10 August 2017

Jordi 100WC T3W3

The turquoise coloured cushion flew through the air and hit me in the head.  What just happened?  Scarlet happened. My annoying little sister Scarlet, had hit me in the head with a cushion.  “Errrr Scarlet!”  I screamed as I forcefully threw the cushion back at her.  We began to throw the poor old cushion back and forth through the air. Until, CRASH my mum walked through the door only to see the sacred violin that had been handed down for many generations, shattered among the floor.  She was speechless. Tears watered down her eyes as she silently left the room.

James T3 W3

Hi I am at school orchestra with a girl named Scarlet and many other students. she plays the violin and so do I. For some reason she plays on a cushion but I don't ask. We where in a nice concert and a very annoying lady shouted you suck but we kept on playing. When we got to the end of our orchestra pieces everybody clapped but she didn't. when we started packing up the instruments the lady walked passed us with a grumpy face. I got home and watered the plants, did the dishes and practiced more violin.

Bradley 100WC T3W3

The Scarlet Cushion

Once upon a time in a castle known for it’s annoying violin player who always brags, was a red scarlet cushion on a gold stitched white couch, with the sun shining through the recently watered window it looked like a shiny rose. Everyday people would come and go to see the cushion, but at night it turns into a cute fluffy puppy and wonders around the castle yapping and barking waking up all the guests. Some of them even go to the couch and stunned to see that the cushion is gone but surprised to see a white fluffy puppy.

Charlie 100Wc T3 W2

This was the day I get my cast off. We were about to leave, once gran watered the roses. Suddenly my sister started playing her annoying violin. As my sister got louder gran got more and more agitated.Then she snapped, grabbing the cushion of the londerge gran threw it at Scarlett. But it hit me. It was either a really hard cushion or my gran has a strong throw but it knocked me off the swing, my first instinct was to put my hand out. As it hit the ground I heard a crack. I’m not having my cast off today.

Wednesday, 9 August 2017


I’m a judge on Britain’s Got Talent. I’m the most honest judge, while the other three just say they love everything, which is very annoying. Today a girl came on stage and played the violin. I interrupted her by saying, “Get off.” She turned scarlet and left. Next was what was supposed to be magic trick by a clown. He put a potted plant on a cushion and watered it. And watered it. Then I sent him off. Then my boss came on stage and looked at me. “We have a surprise for you! You’re fired for being too mean!"

Natasha 100WC T3W3

One gloomy day, when the rain was pouring outside, the sun was hiding behind the dark clouds, and the whole ground was watered, so we couldn’t do much outside. I didn’t care because all I liked to do was sit on my favourite cushion that has a bunny drawn on it, and practice for my violin contest the next month. Suddenly someone bangs into my room, I look at her and she looks back at me, I could feel my heart thumping in my chest. At the door stood my annoying cousin Scarlet  that I haven’t seen in 4 years...

Matthew Herbert 100WC T3W3

In my family I have got my Mother Father and a Sister Scarlet.My parents .are okay but they always make me do everything its so so ANNOYING!,I mean All my sister does it sit on her favorite cushion And play her violin.Mum decided to Give Scarlet some flowers for the flower bed she made in technology But nome when she looks back she wishes she saved her money for better things because Scarlet hasn’t watered them in 2 months so sadly they died.So now mum is trying different things to get Scarlet to do something different

!00 WC Ryan

Hello my name is Scarlet Cushion , and I live in Alaska. Alaska is an amazing place. Except we don’t grow flowers….  Now, there’s this boy in my class and I have the biggest crush on him. Whenever I try and talk to him my face gets all scarlet and it feels like i'm getting watered down with hot chilli. I really like him it’s just he’s sooo annoying.Now the school ball is  coming up and I really want him to ask me out. And guess what happened?  He asked me out, it was the greatest day of my life.

100 WC T3 W3

Hi my name is scarlet and I play the violin at school with my friends in the orchestra .I am also apart of the enviro club at school and we water the plants.It can be a bit annoying when i have violin and enviro club on the same day because I have to go to one or the other. My favorite place to sit in the class in on this big cushion I love sitting there and reading and doing my work. So that's basically some of the things I Scarlet like to do .

Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Rosie 100WC T3W3


My favorite thing to do is listen to music. I listen anywhere and everywhere on the couch or sitting on a cushion on the ground if my slightly annoying brothers take up the couch, In the shower, on the plane, in my room, doing homework, all the time. I take my scarlet earphones everywhere. When I don’t have them with me I tend to just sing the songs in my head to myself. I love singing it makes me feel really good inside. But I still do stuff I watered the gardens today and went to my sisters violin concert.

Alice WK3 T3 100WC

I’m Scarlet Byar, and this is my ‘normal’ life: Wake up ,sit on the couch, find a leftover bagel from a month ago under the cushion hidden by my annoying little brother Ethan. Mum is outside watering the flowers [even though she’s already watered them!] But here’s the twist: after all of this boring stuff I open the secret keypad on my violin and a portal opens that leads to my undercover secret agency. My code name is SB101 and I’m in the teenage section. We fight crime and save the good citizens of Gordonton.

Ashton 100WC T3 W3

I sat there on my cushion playing my violin, on the worst days of winter I normally play my music. Today it just got so annoying that I asked Scarlet over for the afternoon. Once the rain had cleared we went out and watered our plants. We scurried inside when we heard a big loud thunder strike. Lightning was hitting our whole backyard and was destroying our newly planted plants. We rushed to my room and sat down on my bed. We heard and crack that was louder than anything else, wood came crashing down and I just blacked out.