Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Max 100wc T4W3

There once was a man named Frank who celebrated every day for being alive. One day while Frank was swimming when he passed out in the pool in his mind he thought he wouldn't see tomorrow. But when he woke up all he saw was white and nothing else so he started yelling for help. When Frank’s vision came back he realized where he was he was in the hospital and when he looked out the window all he saw was a giant flame on someone's house then he relisied it was his house so he jumped to the rescue.

Sam 100WC T4 W3

As my feet hit the crystal clear water of our swimming pool I look over to my big sister in her pretty white dress, she is turning 16 today so we are having a pool party to celebrate.  She has always been the favourite daughter. She got 3 dolls for her 5th birthday I got 1, she got a real pony for her 10th birthday and I got a plastic one. As everybody sings her happy birthday she blows out the flame of her candle I get a rush of jealousy. Tomorrow. Tomorrow is when I will get my revenge......

Ashton 100WC T4 W4

Beep! Beep! Beep! I jumped as the sounded that I dreaded the most in the mornings. The alarm. Today is halloween, the day most Americans will not forget. I have never properly
Celebrated halloween, but today was the day for that to be changed.

I looked down at my White ghost costume It wasn't much, but that’s alright because I wouldn’t be out for long before I got back and jumped In the pool so I could go Swimming.

I shoved all the lollies that I got from my “trick or treating” experience into my lollie box. I saw that a bright Flame had just been lit down below. I was unaware of the danger ahead of me. I ran down stairs and smoke was everywhere, there was nothing to see or do I was surrounded.

At that moment I knew there would be no Tomorrow.

🖤 Poppy's 100WC T4W3 🖤

Tomorrow is my sister's 18th birthday, last year we celebrated it like usual but… things went wrong, very wrong, it was supposed to be a cool pool party but everyone was supposed to wear white but they wore black!? Another thing that went wrong was that my sister and her best friend were the only ones swimming in the pool, two of the people at the party decided to set the pool on fire, there were flames everywhere. My dad called the fire trucks. So obviously my sister wasn’t allowed to invite the people who did that to my sister.

Monday, 30 October 2017


I was swimming in my best friends swimming pool. It was only yesterday we had celebrated her 14th birthday. Her birthday party was absolutely amazing, she wore the most beautiful white gown with a sparkly belt. We had her party at the flame concert. It was unlike any other birthday party I had ever been to. The lead singer knew who she was, so we were allowed onto the stage at the end of the concert to get their autographs. I can’t wait for tomorrow to tell all of my other friends all about my great weekend with my friend.

Corbin 100WC T4W3

I was in the pool swimming I got to my 100th length it was my personal best from the last one that used to be 99 lengths. I was so proud of myself I had to celebrate so I brought all my friends over. When they came over we started partying like we have never partied before. Then after that moment I didn't know what happened. I woke up just lying on the ground one of my friends said you went white maybe from that swimming and partying. I said tomorrow I will have a good sleep in while watching flames go in the air.

Izzy 100WC T4W3

Tomorrow it will be celebrated, my  sister gold medal at the parayl Olympics for swimming . My sister became paralyzed at the age of 14th from our house fire. She was the only one to be severely injured out of my family, with one leg needing to be anticipate, sadly I feel like it’s all my fault. I remember the moment so clearly with her yelling for me to get out, saving my life costing hers, then her face went white as a flame took my vision. Today my sister is someone else she is a soldier a legend, my hero.

Charlie 100Wc T4W3

My Perfect Night!

It was a beautiful night, the sun was setting and the tens of billions of star were growing brighter by the second. Kids were, swimming in the pool. Meanwhile,  most adults had a glass of wine or a cold beer as they talked by the fire. The flickering flames illuminating the feast set on the table. The sweet, and smoky, scent of the pork ribs wafted toward me. Fizzzzzzzzzzzzzz……. I look up they’ve just sent off the first firework. The white spark zooms up into the sky. Bang!. It explodes out shooting down in all directions, the glowing sparks then fall to earth for a second........... then fade out. I love how we celebrated Guy Fawkes, it's my version of a perfect night.  I didn't what the night to end, or for tomorrow to come.

Grace Wilson

So mum said she was going out to get dinner and that she would be home soon as. So I went to the kitchen and made myself A ham and cheese sandwich.After that i started my home work and watched my fav show shortland street .10 mins went by then 20 then 30 so on and son on until it was 9 o'clock and she left at 6:30.As I went up stairs to get my to ring Dad i heard aloud bang and crash. As the door slammed i knew i wasn't home alone.

Sunday, 29 October 2017

100WC WK3 T4 Alice

One day, I went to write my weekly 100WC and the prompt was: swimming, flame, celebrated, white, tommorrow. I thought and thought but I couldn’t come up anything. I thought about how I could write a story about someone's birthday, that was celebrated at a swimming pool, which then went up in a white flame. I thought that it was a touch unrealistic so I decided not to. Again, I teared at my brain for ideas….. Ahh! Finally the best idea! I worked on it for ages and now here it is….. The story that you are reading right now!

Connor 100WC W3 T4

My name is Frank Williamson and I am a professional swimmer. I do swimming practice every day of the week for four hours! When I do butterfly I move through the water swiftly leaving white bubbly water in my trails. Tomorrow I will be entering a competition at the IPC Swimming World Championship, at the start of the day, there will be a machine that burst out flames to signal the start.

Once someone wins they'll be congratulated and then celebrated at the end of the tiresome day. Wish me luck for my races tomorrow.

Benji 100 WC T4W3

Mark only got 4 hours sleep last night but already woke up to an enemy charge of gun-fire. A molotov was thrown creating a huge flame encasing half of the muddy trench. It was 1942 on the western front. Tomorrow was the day they were meant to arrive home for a white Christmas but that never happened as the german aggression kept number of allied troops low. Mark had no ammo left and a german charge pushed back the lines. He ran for his life jumping in the lac du mont cenis a lake, and started swimming for his life.

rosie 100wc T4 W3

Miss Talented

Hello! Everybody it’s your host jimmy carson and we are back with the miss talented beauty contest of california. We’ve had performances, interviews, modeling and individual speeches. Tonight all of our girls do the choreographed dance and singing performance and don’t forget the five finalists will be announced. Here at miss talented we aren’t same old smile and wave, average contest, we have flame dancing, synchronized swimming, gymnastic routines, karate, Modeling, and the most beautiful white gowns you’ve ever seen! And that is not all. Coming up tomorrow we have the final show and that means announcing next miss talented!

Thursday, 26 October 2017

Matthew 100Wc T4 Wk2

It was a cold spooky night Halloween was drawing near I had gone out to go buy some decorations for the advent.Once I got the deco I went and brought sweets.then drove home.I got the items and took them inside,But when the door slammed ,I knew that my house had been ransacked.The first thing I did was investigate the place see what was stolen.Then i called the police and they came over as fast as they could they surveyed the border of the house.We found the intruder with a gun in the basement

Wednesday, 25 October 2017

100 Word Challenge Ryan

Hi my name is Ralph and I live in the beautiful, exotic place called Sweden. Now I have a problem which I don’t know how to explain. I have a monster in my room. Yes, it’s true, I have a large anxious beast living in my bedroom closet. Every Night I just hear it scraping my door with its massive claws. Tonight i’m going to stay up to see what the beast really is. It was 2:00 am in the morning and I saw it. I tried to run but as the door slammed, I knew I was screwed.

Natasha 100WC T4W2

It's 1915 and the war started last year, but it's become more serious than anyone thought. When It started I thought it wasn’t a big deal because it was happening in another part of the world but soon it finally reached New Zealand, and I knew that my gallant brother would be the first to go and sign up to be a soldier and serve his country. As the days past I started to get worried and my brother started to get more excited. But when the day came I think everyone was nervous, but as the door slammed, I suddenly got a chill up my spine and I knew I’d never see him again.

Rosie 100wc T4-W2

Bungee Jump

I have never been more terrified, I am walking towards a very high height! I am shivering and my teeth are chattering. Walking towards a door and outside the door the platform where I have to do one of the most rememberable and amazing things of my life. My shaking hand grabs the door and push it open. As the door slammed I knew that there was no going back. Butterflies were an understatement! It was all sort of a blur, but when I lifted my feet of the platform, My worries left me. The best experience of my life

Lui 100wc T4 W2

On the twenty first of october the Jacobson family were having their daily family bonding experience. The one today was hide and seek. Jack (the dad) was in and he counted for 30 seconds then set off to find them. The youngest daughter Julie went off into the bush and hid in a tree. Her shoe got caught a thick branch and as she bent down to pick it up she felt her back foot slipping. As soon as she went to grab a hold of the branch above her. Her foot gave way. Then it suddenly went dark in her eyes.

Izzy 100WC T4W2

Screaming, growling, moody were the only words to describe my mother at this present stage. Her fury was burning a hole in the house and I didn’t know long it would be until she exploded. I didn’t know what I did? I honestly got home and she just started fuming, for no reason. She chased me to my room to talk about my “report”, like know big deal. She just yelled at me with a disappointed look on her face, then walked out in huff, and as the door slammed, I knew this was going to be a long night.

100WC T4 W2 James

A boy called John was bored with his life living on a farm so he decided to run away. When he was walking he found a creepy house and it looked like no one was in the house so he decided to break in and get some money and food. He wandered around in the house for a bit and looked at all the old things and he found some money so he was really happy. As the door slammed John knew the owners were in the house so he jumped out a window and ran all the way home.

Jordi 100Wc T4 W2

“Kora, Danny and I are going out for dinner tonight so you will be home alone.  Your bedtimes 8:30. I left a list of chores out for you on the bench. Bye sweetie I love you”.  I waved good bye to my parents and got stuck into my chores. Once those were all done, It was time for bed. So I headed down to the bathroom to brush my teeth. (Creak) I saw the main door move. I slowly walked towards the door, not taking my eyes of it. As the door slammed, I knew we were getting robbed.

Charlie 100Wc T4W2

The House...

I cautiously crept down the stairs.
As the old wood took my weight I cringed, begging the sound not to give me away. I stopped before the corner. Standing perfectly still, I held my breath, listening for the silence. The coast was clear. I  finished making my way to the door, my fingers crossed. There it was gleaming silver, in its lock, the key. The door swings open with ease, although its hinges whined. I stepped outside, the cold air surrounded me like a cloak…. as the door slammed, I knew, I was out and I was never going back.

Image result for spooky house

Tuesday, 24 October 2017

🖤 Poppy's 100WC T4W2 🖤

My two best friends, Milly and Caitlin, and I were walking to the shop when we stopped at a long driveway, Caitlin said that we should go down but Milly said not to, It was all up to me, should we go down or not? I decided we should go down, when we got to the end of the driveway there was a small but scary house, we went onto the old, creaky veranda, Caitlin knocked on the door but no one answered, so we went in and as the door slammed behind us, I knew we were done for.

Ashton 100WC T4 W2

“(Screech!)” I could hear that a car had stopped in my driveway, I didn’t really know what to expect from this deal. He said to me give me your address and i’ll be there, I couldn’t understand why he had to come over.

I heard a knock on the door,I opened the door and three vast men standing there in the doorway over-shadowing me had me a little bit fearful. They mumbled to each other and I couldn’t work out what they were saying. Then they unexpectedly grabbed me and dragged me to their car, threw me inside and as the door slammed I knew I was being taken as hostage by the mexican mafia a gang known for kidnapping and torturing people.

After that it was all too faint to remember.


Alice T4 WK2 100WC

One day I decided that I would play a trick on my sister, and really get her angry! So I got out my secret weapon…my nerf gun! I carefully tiptoed towards her bedroom door and pushed it open then…… Bam!! I smothered her in nerf gun bullets, her screams of mercy made me want more. When I had run out of bullets I attempted to retreat back to my room, but she was too furious to let me get away with it. She stormed out of her room and as the door slammed, I knew that there was trouble waiting.

Corbin 100WC T4W2

I moved into my new house today and my next door neighbors house is really scary. It’s sunny over our side but then when you look at that side it’s dark, cold and there's lightning and thunder. It gives me the shivers. I walk up to my new next door neighbors house. I knocked on the door. No one answered so I opened the door and walked in. As I walked about five meters into the house I heard a creaking noise. It was the door. As the door slammed I screamed. Then I felt a cold breeze on my neck…

Monday, 23 October 2017

Max 100wc T4W2

Jim and Frank lived in a creepy town in a creepy house. One day Jim and Frank went to a old creepy mansion on brook lane. When they went into the house and the door slammed, i knew Jim thought to himself he knew they weren't gonna make it out alive. So they kept walking around not worrying about anything but they didn’t know what was happening they were being watched by a man on the top of the stairwell. But then Frank saw him he saw his face looking through the railings that's when they knew they were doomed.

Rylee 100WC T4W2

Sweat fizzes down my spine as I take another unexpected step. I slowly hear the door open and freeze, racing up the stairs I open the first door. Buttons. Jars full of them slipping off the shelves. As the door slammed, I knew I needed to get out of this horror house. I hear the mysterious man load the gun as he starts to walk up the steps. Stuffing myself in the corner, I try to breath as slow as I can. Next thing I know the door is flat down and a boot glides through. “ Time to play, Jimmy”........

100 Wc W2

I was in my room studying hard for the next NCEA exam which was coming up in about a week when I heard the electric gate get pulled open forcefully. My parents were on holiday in Greece and no one was expected to come. I curiously looked to see what was happening when someone with a black balaclava on and a wooden baseball bat walked up the driveway, in a panic I ran downstairs to lock all doors. And ran up stairs to lock myself in the bathroom but as the door slammed, I knew I was in serious trouble.
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Sam 100WC T4 W2

” Ready or not here I come!” I walk along the dusty wooden floor of the haunted cottage on Reagan Lane I felt a shiver crawl down my spine. “ I hate this game” I mumbled under my breath. While I was walking down the dim corridor i heard a loud BANG! As the door slammed I knew that my friends must in the room at the end of the hallway. I opened the squeaking door to find my friends lying down on the ground with their hands tied behind their backs. Do I run for help? Do I untie my fiends?

Bradley 100WC T4T2

Another day Hubble Academy had passed all students were gone but one, Diego Shepard was always the last student to leave Hubble Academy. It was around Five past Five when he finally Got picked up by his Sister. When he got home he was surprised that His Dad wasn’t cooking dinner. He asked his Sister what was up and where he was. Then she stormed off as the door slammed I knew something wasn’t right. I asked Diego if she was always like this? “Yup!” He replied. So we chucked our bags on the floor and played some video games.


I was trying to get to sleep. I had been in
bed for over two hours. I had no idea why
I couldn’t get to sleep. I looked at my
clock it was nearly midnight. I turned
my light on so that I could see my way
to the toilet. As I hopped out of bed I
heard a noise coming from the hallway.
I went to see where it was coming from.
Then all of a sudden I saw my bedroom
door about to slam into my face. As the
door slammed, I knew that something
dodgy was happening.

Sunday, 22 October 2017

Connor 100 WC W2 T4

My rage fizzled over. “Fine!” I yelled, storming out of the room. The door almost came off its hinges as it rocketed shut. But as the door slammed, I knew I was being a fool. I had been playing my favourite game of Monopoly and I landed straight on Benny's Park Lane property and I had to pay him a fortune.
This meant I had no money left at all and that meant he had beaten me a consecutive six times in a row. But as soon as I slammed the door I knew that I had completely overreacted. So I went back in and apologised to Benny. 

Thursday, 19 October 2017

grace wilson

So i was just at the Lake looking at the water and i started to think . " could i do a hand stand in the water or would I just fall over ? " So I sat there for a while wondering. Thinking. Then i thought why not jump in to the lake head fist and try land on my hands. So off i went to find i nice spot to jump in to . Then i rolled my sleeves up . Before oi knew it i was in the air flying down to the water . I don't know if it   was because i thought about jumping in the lake for so long? or because i'm actually jumping in the freezing lake in the middle of winter , but it felt like i was going in slow motion towards the water. I felt my hands touch the soft sand and then i felt my clod blue lips smile under the water as i had just done a hand stand underwater.

Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Max T4W1 100wc

One day their was a man called Jim. Jim loved to play in puddles. One day he jumped into a puddle which took him to another dimension. In that dimension he found these two people called Rick so he decided to talk to them to ask them how long have they been there so Rick answered by saying just a year then Jim freaked out thinking he would never get back home. But Rick said they were trying to get back to earth as well so then they decided to put their minds together and that helped them get home.

100 Work challenge, Ryan

Shoes, we all need them, if we don’t have them we just look like idiots. Now today i’m just going to inform you on some shoe facts. Shoes were invented by the man himself Jan Matzeliger. Jan was born in 1852 , and died in 1889. Now we know who invented them, let’s put some facts out. Men were actually the first people to wear high heels. Women in the United States normally own 19 pairs of shoes. Now that the facts are done, my job is done. I really hope I gave you an insight into the history of shoes.

Charlie 100wc T4W1

Page 1

Oroville Center police report

This morning around 11:30 am we received numerous calls from residents in lower Oroville. They recounted serious amounts of smoke and suspicious activity coming from the hydroelectric power station atop the dam. We dispatched a team of officers to check it out. The men arrived on the scene to hear load groaning like sounds. Though there was no evidence to suggest any wrongdoing. The officers returned to their vehicles to report their findings, suddenly the rumbling started.  Seconds later the dam burst, kiloliters of water came crusading down.

The report continues on page 2…………...

Jordi T4W1 100WC

“Were on in three, two, one.”  “Hello this is kate reporting from Twentyfour Seven News. Today we appear to be seeing what looks like someone has been buried alive. We have half a dozen police officers working around the case. All we know is that his name is Edward Thompson's and he is nineteen years old. But wait what’s this … We just got top word that the man, omg the man’s breathing. Get him out get him out I’ll call 111 ahhh”. Smash the camera shatters into a million pieces. Nothing is to ever be seen or heard again.

100WC T4 W1 James

One freezing day me and my friend called Leon were playing a good game of soccer by a pond until a humongous bully called Levi said you guys are wimps and threatened us with his booming voice so we dared him to do a backflip. Levi liked to brag about his backflips so he did the backflip except he leant too far backwards and landed in a pond. We felt bad for him but it was also funny because he was stuck in the pond. We decided to leave Levi because he was a bully and we forgot about him.

Matthew 100WC W1T4

LOCAL MAN MURDERED AND DUMPED IN A SHALLOW RIVER Local man John Johnson was murdered last night when he was on his way back home. The man behind this all was spotted by a passer by, “I looked around the corner and saw the horrible sight he looked and saw me and started chasing me I thought I was next but I made it to the police station before he got me”.We do not know who did it because he was wearing a mask And a knife.If you see any suspicious activity please tell us. [Insert image here]

Tuesday, 17 October 2017


One day can change your life forever. As for me that one day started on a chilly autumn Sunday. When the caramel coloured leaves grew on the trees, when I woke up to dim sunshine peeking through my bedroom window. At the time it seemed like the perfect day to go to Chloe’s house and relax in her humongous backyard, so I threw on my helmet and sat on the old bike. 10 minutes into the ride I decided to stop by the old pond just to bring back some memories. Worst decision of my life. I got to the pond and there it was. And I didn’t know what to do.

100wc T1W4 Rosie

Police report on the 14th of june.

7:52pm, bond street.
There is blood spread around the grass and track towards the lake.
We keep walking along track there seems to be two sets of footprints.
It is possible, one of the footprint tracks are of someone being abused.
We carry on towards the lake there doesn’t seem to be any more blood on the track. If one of the subjects is being abused they may be dead. We arrived at the lake and there appears to be a pair of legs sticking out of the water, which aren’t moving.

Sam 100WC T4 W1

Meadow lane is a very tight community with three different farms on it. There’s the Smiths, the Potters and of course old farmer Joe. He is the craziest kindest and friendliest person you would ever meet. Joe owns a small farm at the back of lane that he once shared with his beloved wife Joanne who sadly died a few years ago. He always has picnics on his farm for all the kids on the lane. But one day when whilst having a picnic with the Smith kids he tripped over a twig and fell into the pond head first!

Ashton 100WC T4 W1

“Hurry up! i’m waiting for you outside in the front driveway” “yes i’m coming just hang on i’m almost there”

John could see two beaming lights enter the driveway, the car came to a holt at the start of the driveway. The door opened and John saw a man, big, firm and not Liam. John caught a glimpse of someone tied up in the back of the car but soon meet eyes with this mysterious man.

He pulled something out of his pocket and I heard a bang, then something hit him . He felt a scorching pain in his chest he fell to the ground then everything went black. John woke up to see gumboots hanging out of the water.

Suicide. A murder mystery.

Grace 100 WC T4W1

So I sat by the freezing cold lake for a long time ! ,  Wondering , thinking. Then I thought I wonder if I could do a handstand underwater. So I sat at the lake thing about this for a while then I thought why not not jump into the shallow lake head first and try land on my hands , so off I went to find a nice place to jump in the water. before i knew it I launched into the air , I don't know if it's because I thought about it for so long or because i'm actually jumping into the freezing lake but it felt like I was going in slow motion . As my hands finally hit the soft sand I felt my cold face smile as I had just done a handstand underwater.

Monday, 16 October 2017

Emma 100WC T4W1

One day me and my friend decided to go swimming so we went to the pool. My friend dared me to do a handstand underwater wearing gumboots with my eyes closed for ten seconds, so I did. While I was counting to ten I felt something cold around my wrist. I opened my eyes, and saw my friend handcuffing me to the bottom of the pool, so I tried hitting her hands away but she’d already finished and was swimming back to the surface. I was sure I’d drown, but somehow I kept breathing normally until she let me go.

🖤 Poppy 100WC T4W1 🖤

I was walking my dog, Jet, in the park across the road from my parents' house, when suddenly Jet started barking at something, I tried to stop him but he kept barking, we went over to what Jet was barking at but he kept barking towards the bush. I decided to go in through the bush but when I got onto the other side of the bush there was nothing there. I went back to Jet but there was a huge puddle that everyone was surrounding, I went over to it to see two upside down gumboots with legs attached.

Lui 100wc T4 W1

There was once an old family that had just bought a new house in texas. One quiet night The parents heard a loud scream that sounded like it came from a female. The next They went for their daily walk to find a large swamp with a girls legs just reaching the surface of the water. The man grabbed a stick and poked the pair of legs. There was no movement so he dropped the stone. As soon as the rock dropped below the water there was a loud scream the same one as the night before the the legs got pulled under the water. After that day no one ever saw that couple ever again.

Corbin 100WC T4W1

Last night at 9 o'clock a man got held under the water and drowned from a human that broke out of jail last night. His criminal records were murder, murder and murder. This man in the photo that got murdered was a young man named Grant the age of 27 happily milking the cows when all of a sudden this happened. He had two kids one was named ruby and the other was named Emilie. They were both aged 3 and his wife Jessica was terrified to hear and see what happened to Grant. No one knows where this criminal is.  

Connor T4 W4

It was the first time I had ever been to the Barnaby's and it was definitely going to be the last. It was 8.00pm at night and I had been invited to dinner, the sun had just about gone down but there was still quite a bit of light in the dreary sky. To get to the house you had to enter down a long gravel driveway.
But as I knocked on the door I realised that there were actually no lights going inside. I knocked louder this time getting a bit impatience.

 I walked around the side of the house looking to see if Mr Barnaby was out the back of the house, then all of a sudden a flash caught my eye like the sun hitting a mirror. I looked down to the pond from where the flash had come from and I saw the most horrible sight of Mr Barnaby's legs sticking out of the pond wearing a pair of red band gumboots...

Bradley 100WC T4W1

I was walking around my farm, then I saw bubbles emerging from the swamp, next to the driveway by the pigs and cows. Curiously I walked over to the bubbles and saw a huge bullfrog staring at me with it’s yellow beady eyes. I was creeped out and started walking backwards. Walking away from the frog and tripped backwards and fell into the swamp behind me! I struggled to get out and get back my breath. It was like I was in a gooey type liquid. I suddenly emerged from the swamp and saw the bullfrog jump on to me!

Rylee 100WC T4W1


The police were shocked. A body, a man planted into the pond head first. His motionless legs stick out as the torches shine around him. A plaited rope wrapped around the man’s ankle and  men try to heave him up. The clouds start to turn grey and it starts pouring down buckets of rain. I put my hands into the mucky water and grab tightly onto the rope to help. Sweat trickles down my spine as I heave harder and harder. Finally he comes to the surface, there was no blood anywhere to be seen, but he was for sure dead.

Sunday, 15 October 2017

Benji W1

The detectors were completely shocked. A body stabbed and left head first in a polluted lake, tied down with a boat anchor.
“Three stabs to the torso, hanging upside-down. Not a single trace of fingerprints or blood or any physical evidence of the suspect, and no definite motive but it is known the victim owed money to a loan-shark” The scene was packed full of police officers and detectives taking notes and calling in specialists.

When the DNA traces came in a man named “Douglas Thomas” was a prime match-up. It was found that he did the murder.


My friend Miela and I were on a bush walk.
It was a really beautiful walk. There was
heaps of beautiful blossoming trees and
ponds, with gorgeous lily pads. There was
a bridge overtop of a pond. It was the
biggest pond out of all of the ones we’d see.
As we got closer we could see two things
pointing out of the water. Eventually we
realised what they were, it was
someone’s legs. We looked closer
and at the bottom of the pond we
could see the man’s head. It was
pale and he wasn’t breathing,
He was dead!

100WC WK1 T4 Alice

Thursday 20th of March 2018. Lately there has been a report from the emergency rescue team involving a drowned man. According to his wife they were walking around the lake when suddenly Josh [the victim] slipped on a wooden plank and fell into the dark, murky lake. Rosemary [wife of Josh] rang 111 immediately and emergency services rushed to the scene. Luckily Josh survived and he had no major injuries. “ It was so scary as I had no control over the situation” says Rosemary “ I’m just glad that he’s alive”. Josh will hopefully be returning home in a few days.

Izzy 100WC T4W1

The 9th of March in 2012  Mr Wing reports, an old lady was going for her daily walk with her dog when she came across a murky lake she recalls. She saw out of the corner of her eye two feet floating up on the the lake's surface. The two feet was obviously a drowned body. Shocked and disgusted the lady urgently called the police force. The police have tracked the body a girl at the age of thirteen, who has been drowned in the lake for two  weeks finding her parents who thought she was on a school trip.