Thursday, 21 September 2017

Connor 100WC WK8 T3

There has been a nuclear explosion where I live. So I went to investigate. It was weird because there were multicolored balls lying all over the place. I started looking through the rubble looking for survivors. I, unfortunately, couldn't find anyone. I heard sirens getting louder and louder. Half our city had already left thanks to the volcano explosion. I heard a firefighter yell "Það er fólk undir rústunum." Which means there are people under the rubble. I tried to tell the bulky fireman that there were no people. The fireman quickly escorted out of the way. How wrong was I that day? 86 people were rescued that day from the rubble.

Wednesday, 20 September 2017

100WC T3 W9

“Going once!,Going twice!, Third and final call, SOLD!. Bid 1027” I had won the long and dreadful bid. $100,000 spent on one gold light bulb from the fifteenth century. I went to collect the item at the end of the meeting and take it home in the glass box. As soon as I get home I put the bulb in my cabinet and got ready for work.

When I got home I knew something was wrong I unlocked the door and bits of glass were all over the floor I had been scammed. I felt pain and doubt in myself. That's it.

Max 100wc T3W9

When Jim and Frank were little kids they made lights. While they were making them they put beads and other things into them. That day they took their lights home to show their parents. But on the way home they got attacked by some bullies and while they were attacked one of the bullies smashed Franks light. When Frank got home he didn't know what to tell his mum he wondered if he should say the truth or just lie and say he dropped or something like that, so when he got home he just told his mum the truth

Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Emma 100WC T3W9

One day I was making bead necklaces when the jar full of beads moved by itself onto the carpet with a loud thud. I watched the beads spilling out, really annoyed that I’d have to pick them all up, when I noticed that they just kept spilling out… I bent down to try and find out how it was happening, but when I touched one of the beads I jumped back in pain. The bead had burnt my skin. As the mound of beads on the ground grew by the second, I ran outside and watched them fill the house.


The light is one of the town's greatest treasures they say that it was given to them by the gods. But there is a terrorist group called the scissors that are threatening the town that they will blow up the light. The police have been very sceptical about every little thing happening. The  light was bombed this morning and there have been emergency services rushing to the scene but because there is so much smoke we still can see what has happened. Minutes later the smoke clears people drop their knees and start to pray and tears flow down their sad faces. The light is broken!

Monday, 18 September 2017

Bradley 100WC T3W9

Today all my friends are coming over we are also going to have a nerf battle and we will be building huts as secret bases.

We started off with a bang literally because they had a sniper and shot down one of my players. We shot down one of their players not long after. Then I was aiming at them it was a clear shot then SMASH! I wondered what that noise could have been I poked my head outside the hut; my mum vase filled with mini balls of colour had fallen to the ground and smashed. Whoopsy Daisy!

Sunday, 17 September 2017

Charlie 100wc T3W9

The sweet, sweet evidence.

Me and Zac race down the street. It’s dusk and we must get home before the dark surrounds us. We come up to the sweet store. The thought of little Jimmy McDermid sends a shiver down my spin. We speed down the back allies turning this way and that. Up ahead lies a buckets with is colourful contents tipped all over the street. We both stop to examine the bucket, emboss with McDermid family logo. Spill all over the ground was the assortment the sweets Jimmy use to deliver each day. Lying next to it a pool of blood trailing away.


100wc t3 w9 Joron

Image result for gif of a bulb smashingImage result for gif of a bulb smashing on theI was in town one day going to the new restaurant called JJ and co then I saw a road block for the town parade so I waited for the parade to end but then I saw I a float with a giant light bulb the float was to reduce energy but the bulb consumed a lot of energy too. When it passed by the cables holding the light snapped and fell in the way to my car so I hopped out and then the bulb smashed on my car eww is that what what was in that bulb gross.


WOW ! slow down bro we're going to fast jimmy said jack. You call this fast were just cruising along .Bang ! oh I didn't see that rock it was just floating above us said jimmy. I told you you were going to fast , now look what you did you broke the spaceship said Jack. Look all of the lollie monsters escaped we were supposed to grop them off to jail but they all escaped said Jack .Good one jimmy this is all your fault I told you to slow down but you didn't. It's not my fault you should have told me to slow down early.

Sam 100WC T3W9

Crash!!!! That was the sound that turned my life upside down. The sound of the tyres sliding across the road and the glass shattering. That horrible crash took my happiness. As our car was speeding down the motorway on that rainy and windy night our car slid off the road. My father and mother were critically injured and my little brother is badly brain damaged. But I look down from my place above to see them all mourning over my loss. I wish that I could be down there with them but the crash hit me hard and wasn’t merciful.

🖤 Poppy's 100WC T3W9 🖤

I walked towards Mr Eli's Candy Shop, I opened the door, it was a mess. There was candy everywhere, Mr Eli was nowhere to be seen. I walked towards the counter when I heard something, it was like a dog whimpering, I looked over the counter to see Mr Eli huddled up in a ball. I asked what had happened? He replied saying his shop had been burgled and he had been held at gunpoint, I asked him if he knew who it was but he said they had black masks on. Then I realized that they were still here.

Morgan 100WC T3W9

I was walking down the beach with my friend lampey. i had no friends, as you could probably already tell. but  with a with a leap of a leapocorn i dropped lampey “noooooooooooooooooooo lampeyyyy whyyyyy’.I lost my only friend that day.i quickly put lampey back together to see if he would come back to life or not, but he didn't. i left him for the blue sea to collect his ashes. then i went to the 2 dollar shop and bought a new lamp. now i have a new best friend.then i went back to the beach.

Alice 100WC WK9 T3

There was once a man called Beau McMullen. Everyone thought that he was poor, homeless and nothing interesting ever happened in his life. When he was actually the world’s most wanted thief! He stole valuable jewels that were worth millions of dollars. He geniusly hid the jewels inside a glass cabinet that he stored away in a underground safe. One day Beau went to check on the jewels and discovered that the glass case had been broken and all of the precious jewels were scattered on the concrete floor. Suddenly a tiny man jumped into sight and winked at Beau.

Izzy 100WC T3W9

It felt like slow motion, as the colourful balls splattered across the grey washed concrete. I didn’t know what to do they held a serious chemical called Tabun, that was extremely deadly. If the ball was to open it would release a high death risk liquid that could possibly kill you (if touched the inside). I tried to collect them up before they were spread across the gulley. One of the balls were broken and was spreading the fluid chemical through the alley. I was concerned that people would near and possibly die with my silly mistake haunting me forever.

Ryan M 100 WC W9

Lights, we all need them. There the things that help us see, there the things that gives life to us, there lights. Today I will give you a little top up on the subject lights. Lights were invented by the man himself called Thomas Edison. Thomas Edison actually invented the lightbulb, but the light bulb introduced other inventors to make other lights. A weird but fun fact is that frogs eyes are so sensitive to light that researches in Singapore have used them to develop extremely precise photon detectors. I really hope I gave you a little sight into lights.

Natasha 100WC T3W9

The last thing I heard was ‘Oh No!’. And then everything was black. Pitch black. I couldn’t breathe, couldn’t think, couldn’t see. Because of all the things on top of me. It started off as a normal day, me going to work to do my ordinary job and to start my life. Suddenly the alarm started going off when I was in the jar. And no time to get out. The jar broke and all the beads started coming out and toppling on top of me, and I was at the breaking point when someone- my savior pulled me out.             

Jordi 100WC T3 W9

Candy lightbulb

On the rainiest days, when the sun is weak and the wind is strong. You may be wanting something sweet to brighten up your day. Many years ago someone made and hid a candy light bulb for someone to enjoy in the future. I know it sounds super weird. But there is such thing and it tastes amazing. Ever thought about a light bulb filled with the sweetest candy you could ever imagine. Well if you want and you believe in it. you can try to find it. Good luck because you will get a big sugar rush.

Corbin 100WC T3W9

Sponge Bob square pants, Sponge Bob square pants, Sponge Bob square pants argh. I love this program it’s so funny. Boom Crash Smack what was that. I turn around to see a big glass thing that’s on the ground. I screamed in horror. There were big beads on the ground to that looked like rocks. They looked so colourful pink, blue, yellow and green. I didn't even care about my TV, When that was the best thing in my life. But it’s not now because it’s destroyed. I called the investigators to see what they can find. But they didn't answer.



I was at a bead factory having a tour with my family.
I thought that it would be really boring but it wasn’t.
I stopped to see a massive lamp, a metre away
from me. I asked what it was used for,
They said that they used it to warm the beads.
The rest of the group hadn’t noticed that I had gone
missing. I touched it not realising it was wobbling.
As soon as I touched it, It went flying downwards.
It made a massive noise. When I looked down there
was beads everywhere and the lamp was smashed.

James T3 W8

So what lies ahead of this weather captain? Not great but I think we will be able to fly the plane without too many errors. The plane was on target time to get to Spain but suddenly there was a colossal storm and they were almost certain that they would never live again. But all of a sudden the storm stopped and faded and they had a gracious time flying to spain with great views and no clouds. They were 10 minutes away from the airport when the storm started again and a humongous bolt of lightning hit the plane.

Rylee 100WC T3W9

100WC T3W9

I glance around looking at the waterfalls of chocolate flowing down the stream. I was one of the lucky kids that got got a golden ticket to Willy Wonka's factory and I was super excited. Little men get to work around me, making the room come to life. I smell the sweet scent galloping around me like a horse in action. Suddenly the wall breaks. Lollies of all sorts come tumbling down the hill as I run away, well at least try to. I topple over the giant jellybean that lies underneath me. I lay in the sticky lollies.

Thursday, 14 September 2017

Rosie 100WC W8

Beyond the reef

Millie and Grayson have been best friends ever since they were born, there parents are very good friends. They always go on adventures in the ocean, they played hide and seek in the coral. There was one rule, that they weren’t to go past the reef. Millie and Grayson hated this rule, what could they be hiding. They always had conversations about how they would uncover the secret. So, what lies ahead of the reef? Well  it is and understatement to say it’s beautiful. There are thousands of pearls in clams spread across a deep canyon of sand. Secret uncovered.

Charlie 100WC T3W8

Upstream the river ran through the dumping ground for the dead bodies of those with the black plague. Legend has it the river used to run crimson with blood.”

“So what lies ahead of the rocks in the spooky cave, can we go in..”
“ There nothing in the cave but local law kinda forbids people going into it.”
Hmmm, I'll have to be careful of this boy he asks lots of question.
“Just because,” I explain irritated.

The next morning the parents were crying hysterically. The young boy snuck out last night and he never came back.

Tuesday, 12 September 2017


Me and my friend Sarah were going on a bear hunt in the woods. We went past a pond and headed down a path. There was a faint sight of a castle which the path lead to. We heard some noises as we got closer to the castle. We could hear some sort of screaming coming from the castle. We got to the door both in utter wonder thinking so, what lies ahead of the door I thought to myself. We opened the door to see what was inside. Everything went silent and there was blood everywhere. What was happening?

Corbin 100WC T3W8

I was playing Gta V on wednesday 13th of september at 4:18pm I just finished a heist called “The big score”. Then I asked so, what lies ahead of this I got the money but what do I spend it on, cars, no motorbikes, no boats, yes boats you could never turn down a boat. So I spent all my money on boats. Then I went onto the next mission, but no I can’t because you need money to start the mission. Oh damn it maybe next time I should save all my money up to buy something better.

Connor 100WC T3 W8

Gadgets are one of the most popular things of people's everyday life, they are used to text and ring on, surf the internet on and even play games on. Our world is forever changing with many new devices and applications coming out every week. Digital technology and the internet has and continues to change the life of millions of people.

So what lies ahead?   What will the picture of the future look like and how will people around the world work and live?

Many jobs today will no longer exist as computers and robots are taking over things that we would normally see a human doing. This is known as artificial intelligence.

Max 100wc T3W8

Frank and Jim lived in Canada. One day they went on holiday to go to England. While they were in England they meet Nick Crompton and they became best friends. When they were leaving just before Frank and Jim asked so, what lies ahead of you do you reckon you're going to keep raping or will you just stop raping. But before he could answer Jim and Frank had to hop on the plane to go back to Canada. Back at canada they really missed Nick so they moved to England so they didn't have to fly over every year.

Rylee 100WC T3W8

100WC T3W8

So this is what lies ahead, the truth hides behind the velvet curtains. The daring lights shine over the stage as we go to the front. Hundreds of heads glaring over to see the costumes strut across the platform. The music starts, we dance away. Pointing my feet hard, I start to get cramp.The silky dress flows beneath my knees and brings excitement to my mind. The wind rushes through my hair and I leap across the stage to the other side. I run off stage and back into the room. The audience applauses for a job well done.

🖤 Poppy's 100WC T3W8 🖤

My best friend, Amber, and I were hanging out at her house. We were soooo bored we didn’t know what to do. We went downstairs to her mum in the kitchen and asked her what we should to do, she said that there might be some board games in the attic. We went up to the entrance of the attic, we went to go in but we saw something moving, I freaked out and Amber started walking backwards. We ran down to Amber’s mum in the kitchen not looking back. So, what lies ahead of us, we’ll never really know.

Bradley 100WC T3W8

I like exploring around the world and going to places that are forbidden such as fort knox. I’ve always wondered: so, what lies ahead of that vault door? I put a plan into action and disguised myself as a lost tourist asking for directions and sneak around placing miniature sticky bombs all over the place and BOOM! A stash of gold I imagine. Shining left right and centre. Blooming the light out of our solar system! What a sight it would be! But how would I take it? I forgot to mention I’m a professional Burglar. All that gold!

Monday, 11 September 2017

Izzy 100WC T3W8

I sprint up to my room to grab my jacket, when the window cracks open with a windy whistle. I glance over with a shiver running down my spine and fire burning in my belly. My closet doors creak and my heart ponds heavily. The closet begins to shift with someone obviously inside. I wonder inside my head, so what lies ahead of those mysterious doors. I reach for the handles with worry drowning in my head. I peer through the doors to see my baby sister with a cheeky grin on her face,  how could I been so silly!

Ashton 100WC T3 W8

My name is Elrond and I am a hobbit and i’m ninety years old. I am indeed quite young for a hobbit. “Knock! Knock! Knock!” ah think that might have been Gandol. “Hello Mr Kanalf at your service, I have an offer these are my men we are going to steal back the gem that is looked away we need you for a burglar.” explained Gandol “ Ummm thanks for the offer but i’m perfectly fine where I am” “ok your choice”.

I was thinking that night why, why did I turn down that offer. I ran and ran around the village into the forest and found the men on their ponies. “ so what lies ahead of us Elrond” “ i’m not sure” I answered.


Bang ! straight through her. Tears rolling down her cold pale check." by my darlings she said" . By mum I love you . My brother sat there in silence as mum faded away. I knew we had to go before the others get us but Josh wouldn't leave Mum. "come on josh we have to leave now I said " . "So what lies a head of this " he said. "I dont know I said but we cant stay here " I said.

Sam 100WC T3W8

As dorothy continued her quest to find the Wizard of Oz she heard a strange sound. So Dorothy went over to investigate. After pushing past a few bushes and thorns she found something astonishing…. An old tin man! The Tin Man asked her if she could put some oil in his joints so she did. “Ohh I feel so much better” He shouted in delight “thanks”. “ Where are you going young lady” he asked. “To see the Wizard of oz” Dorothy replied politely. Ohh so thats what lies ahead of the yellow brick road I have been wondering for years!

Sunday, 10 September 2017

100WC WK8 T3 Alice

Egan is a 13 year old, who is a sailor boy for the Gypsy-Rose ship. One day it was a horrendous storm and poor Egan was ordered to climb up into the crow’s nest and keep a lookout for land. “So, what lies ahead of this horrible weather?” the captain shouted over the pouring rain. “Just more rain cap’m sir” Egan answered. The rain was becoming more intense and the waves were rapidly roughing. Massive sheets of water smothered the little ship when suddenly Egan shouted, “Land ahoy!” “About time,” the captain mumbled as they arrived on a deserted island.

Thursday, 7 September 2017


So I was just strolling through the bush and in the corner of my eye I  saw this massive big hairy thing eating a fish. So I thought it was just a bear but I looked closer and it was a 7 foot high man eating big foot. So of course I took a photo and posted it online. Then I called the animal control people and they came and picked him up the end.

Jordi 100WC T3 W7

I dance to the rhythm of the beat, flying through the air in my imagination.  I begin to sing cheerfully.  Not realising that my feet were making humongous footprints in the dirt as I danced.  I began to gain weight and drop to the floor.  But I was too heavy and couldn't get back up.  I began to roll around on the grass, having a huge tantrum. luckily my best friend saw me. She sung this enchanting song. Then I started to magically get pulled up of the ground, as I somehow lost weight. One, two, three, four she vanished.

Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Rosie W7

Matt was playing up on the hill with his sisters Sarah and Belinda. It was a beautiful day in the sunshine when they saw the most peculiar mark on the luscious green grass. On that hot, summery day, they saw two massive footprints in the grass. Matt hastily pulled off his shoe to compare it to the footprint. It was about half the size! Matt’s feet were quite big for his age. They all stood there brainstorming theories of how the footprint got there. Of course someone could of just dug the hole for fun, but why ruin the story.

Natasha 100WC T3W7

I have big feet. No that’s wrong, I have NOT NORMAL, HUMUNGOUS FEET!
Sometimes I like it and it comes in handy, but sometimes I hate it so much I want to just die. My name is Wilfred. Fred for short. I’m gonna tell you a short autobiography about myself, that you have probably never heard in your life. Now when you're born you usually have a 7-8cm foot. But I had 17cm feet! In school, I had no friends.

The only love and support I had were my loving parents so helped to be where I am now.

100WC W7 T3

It was stormy outside at Brean Down the power was out and we were using the backup generator whilst we were sitting in in front of the fire When we heard a massive thump! Coming from outside we looked out to see what it was. All we could make out was a massive shape of a human.We went back to the fire and wondered what it was, maybe it was a giant? My brother said Mum looked at him strangely and said “we will see tomorrow” we woke up at 8:07am and went outside and save huge footprints.

100WC T3 W7 James

I was playing golf with my friends one amazing stunning day. We were going to a new hole but with a glimpse of my eye I thought I saw giant man in the forest close by, he had a big face with a grin. I thought I was day dreaming so we kept on playing golf. I hit a golf ball but when it hit the ground I didn't see it. We walked to the ball and we found the ball was stuck in colossal foot print. I was shocked when I saw the giant laughing and sprinting towards me.

Tuesday, 5 September 2017

🖤 Poppy's 100WC T3W7

I was walking through a field of hay on a beautiful sunny day with my friend, Mia, when we came to a large brown patch of dirt. We looked around and tried to figure out what the shape was, it took us a while to find out that it was a huge foot print. We then realized it was a giant’s footprint, I thought we should go but Mia wanted to stay and investigate so I said we could only stay a little longer. Soon after Mia came and told me that it wasn’t a giant's footprint, we had shrunk.


I was on my way to school with my friend Lisa.
We decided to walk to school today. So we cut
through a massive grassy field for a short cut.
As we walked along we saw a shorter patch of
grass. We walked over to see what was there.
There were two massive footprints, it looked like
a giant's footprint. We looked at each other
in wonder. I was thinking to myself that it was
entirely impossible. We then felt the sky turn
dark quickly. We looked up and there standing
right over top of us was a huge giant.

Alice 100WC T3WK7

Josh is just a boy, but with a daunting secret that no one knows…. When the clock strikes midnight every fortnight, he grows thick hair all over, razor sharp fangs and a wolf-like face. One night he turned into a scary and ugly monster and ran off looking for dinner. What Josh didn’t know was that on his last visit, some policeman spotted him and now they were on watch. Suddenly ropes wrapped around his waist and he was pulled to the ground. Josh’s massive feet made a dent in the ground that will be there forever as a reminder.

Izzy 100WC T3W7

He’s behind me, I know he is, I can feel his breath tickle down my spine, I crawl out of the forest washed in a series of different worries. Who was this monster? I knew two things he was huge and dangerous. After stumbling across those two humongous footprints, it felt like I couldn't breathe. I stopped quickly to take a short breath soon to be towered by the monster. He looked me straight into the eye while I stood in shock, he was covered in hair with theses absolutely huge feet. That’s when I knew, I had discovered Bigfoot.

Emma 100WC T3W7

I woke with a start. At first I didn’t know why, but then heard it again: a distant roar. I jumped out of bed, dressed hastily, and ran into the backyard, which was muddy from the steady rain. I  climbed the fence, and spotted him in the darkness halfway to the playground in the park. The baby gorilla was stuck up to his ankles in mud and couldn’t get out, so I ran up to him and he thrashed and roared until I lifted him out. Then we ran back home before the neighbors saw him and rang the police.

Monday, 4 September 2017

Sam 100WC T3W7

One day while Hannah was walking around her quaint village she heard something. Something abnormal. Something frightening. The sound was coming from the haunted little shack that sits at the top of the hill. Rumour has it that if you even step one foot into the desolate building then you will possessed by the ghosts that call the building there home.  Hannah being the curious person she is has always wanted to see what actually is in there but her mother has always stopped her. This was the perfect excuse, so Hannah made her way up the creepy drive way….

Rylee 100WC T3W7

100WC T3W7

“It was huge, as big as a beast”... the class laughed. “Really it was furry and everything” Mrs Moore gave me the nod. I took my seat at the back of the classroom and hid under my arms. My name is Tommy, I saw the most amazing thing ever but everyone thought I was joke. At home I drew pictures of what I saw. Enormous arms grabbing to reach me, footsteps leaving traces all around. The next day to stare at the marks it had made I felt a drizzle of spit above me. I looked up, everything went black.

Charlie 100Wc T3W7

Just like every kid we know, when you fall asleep it’s absolutely essential for your own safety to have all your limbs under the covers. Or you’ll be grabbed by your leg and drag into their lair. You parents lied to you. It’s absolutely true, monsters roam the world. Vampires, Giants, Witches, Yetis you name it they may live right next door. This is even more relevant to the kids who live in Somerset. The town holding the M.I.H Monster, Inquires, Headquarters. Now believe me , monster brains are equivalent to a squishy pea. They often need help and because there's no internet in the sewers.  So us kids need to watch out for santa's not the only mythical creature coming to town.

Screen Shot 2017-09-04 at 8.20.44 PM.png

Sunday, 3 September 2017

Bradley 100WC T3W7

My brother Danny only thinks about creatures no one has got clear evidence of like bigfoot. When he’s older he wants to find bigfoot (which Isn’t real). He has all the equipment he needs to do this “quest” and he is leaving tomorrow, he wants me to film the documentary and he will pay me half of the income aka nothing. We leave today and we walk for hours finding nothing but forestry until my brother tripped over a hole and sprained his ankle I looked at it was two times bigger than my shoe. I thought “We aren’t alone!”

Corbin 100WC T3W7

It’s a lovely day today at the golf course Just hitting golf balls far into the distance. Then I saw Dustin Johnson, I couldn't believe my eyes. I followed him when all of a sudden I tripped and fell flat on my face. I stood up to see a big hole in the ground, no wait a minute, it was a foot a bigfoot, no a massive foot. I even took my eyes of Dustin just to see this strange foot in the middle of the golf course. Then I heard some screaming from behind the bush it was Dustin.

Connor 100WC T3 W7

One summer in 1966, Tim and Taylor Simmonds went camping. In the woods, they saw many plants and animals they could not see in their neighborhood. They also saw something quite unusual.
Tim and Taylor were playing near their campsite. They saw something move in the trees. It was a giant, furry figure. It looked like it was watching them. Tim stepped closer to get a better look, but Taylor pulled him back. We hid behind a rock so the giant couldn’t see us, Because now he was standing about five metres away from us. Lucky for us he walked right past us leaving a massive footprint about 10 times the size of mine….