Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Charlie 100Wc T4W7

I grabbed my sandwiched as I hurried out the door. I wasn't feeling very energetic today in fact my head was pounding, I swear I needed a battery to get me going. I was astonished by the time. 7:55, I didn't realise I was so late. I speed down the hill, my eyes shut as the wind ran through my hair. Opening my eyes I came to the realisation, if i didn't stop now i'ld go flying into the road filled with traffic. The momentum continued to carry me, even as i tried to stop. It happen in slow motion. I tripped, and went tumbling through the air, my legs couldn’t keep up and landed smack on the tarmac. White spots danced and flickered in front of my eyes.

Izzy 100WC T4W7

This sandwich tasted stale I think in my head while I charge the battery of my phone. As I sit I remember the day before hand, it was a cold, white winter morning full of breeze and very energetic children. I hurried down the icy road to school that morning slipping and banging my head getting a very sore headache. I had to text my parents, but my phone went dead leaving me know choice but walking to school. When I got to school I had to go to the nurse. It turned out I had a very serious concussion.

Tuesday, 28 November 2017

🖤 Poppy's 100WC T4W7 🖤

I was eating my sandwich when a very energetic white robot hurried by in a rush, I wondered where it was going and why it was in a rush. I followed it through the halls of my school, out the gate and into the city. I knew I shouldn't've been there but it was just so interesting watching this kind of robot thingy run. It crashed, I'm not sure how but I was chasing after it and next thing I know it’s electrical wires and everything were splattered against a wall. I looked over and saw that its battery was broken.

Natasha T4W7

Battery, Sandwich, Energetic, White, Hurried.

It was not a normal day for the Will Smithson that Friday the 13th. You see he didn’t believe that on Friday the 13th very unfortunate things happen to people, that belief didn’t end well with Will. On Friday the 13th 2028, Will was running very late for work and so he quickly checked his phone’s battery was fully charged, grabbed his sandwich and hurried to the door. Even though he is a very energetic person today his face was very white and he was not feeling well for some reason. At work when he was in a very important meeting, he spewed out all his big dinner he had that night before and faced the embarrassment. You see this is a lesson for everyone. Anything can happen to you anytime!

Lui 100wc T4 W7

There was a black guy called Bob and he liked to eat a white sandwich and changed his flip phone with a battery. He was never energetic but hurried to the bar every night to meet his lover Julie. As you can see he has problems but we all love Bob because he is a great laugh. But he never had any friends when he was a little kid because he was adopted and all of the kids teased him for it. At one time it got really bad and he had to get counseling. Poor Bob, “we love you Bob.”

Connor 100WC T4 W7

There once was an old man that lived in a shoe, he ate white bread sandwich while he sat in the loo. This was a very energetic man that liked to jump around. He was always in a hurry, he hurried to left and hurried to the right and then he hurried off to bed at night.

He got up in the morning to drive to town but half way their his car broke down. He opened the bonnet and his battery was flat so he cranked the handle and it purred like a cat. He took off in such a rush that he pulled out in front of a bus. The ambulance came but I'm sorry to say the life of the man ended that day.

Monday, 27 November 2017

Bradley 100WC W7T4

I just finished making my bacon, meatball and cheese sandwich when - a white energetic battery mascot burst through my wall and yelled: “GET YOUR BATTERIES TODAY!” Then he left. I was so sad because the debris had crushed my sandwich so I now I have to make a new one. So I hurried outside to get bacon, meatballs, cheese. When I came back I saw that my wall was fixed. Now I don’t have to pay for the damage. I walk through the door to find the stupid mascot in my house eating my sandwich! Then he gave me batteries.

Sam 100WC T4 W7

This morning I woke up to a beautiful and sunny day, so I decided that I would have a picnic with my energetic younger sister Daisy. So I quickly packed a sandwich for us and then hurried out the door. When we got to the park we put our white picnic blanket down. We spent time looking over the still and clear pond that sits past the towering gum trees. After having our delicious snacks we walked down to the pond to find a man there with little remote controlled catamaran. We later found out that it was battery powered.

100WC WK7 T4 Alice

I hurried out of my bed feeling energetic as I shoved my ham and cheese sandwich forcefully down my throat. After I put my snorkeling gear on, then bolted out of the house and headed towards the beach. I was engulfed with excitement as I leaped off of the rocks and plunged into the tropical waters below. Suddenly, a white glow caught my eye, I attempted to examine the mysterious glow further as I swam down to the bottom of the sea and picked it up. It turned out to be just an 1950’s battery. What an adventure! I thought.

Ashton 100WC T4 W7

"Beep!" I suddenly realized the light was green and pulled away from the lights with an angry person behind me. Along the highway, I felt an urgent need to have my sandwich so at the next fuel station I grabbed a bite to eat at the station. All of a sudden I heard a pop in the bonnet of my car so I hurried out of my car and popped the hood and then all this white smoke plumed out into the fresh air. I became conscious that it was the battery that was leaking fluid and It had hit the exhaust pipe which had created smoke. I rushed inside the station and got some water and then an energetic rush came to me and there were big flames in the sky and I  realized it was my car.

Sunday, 26 November 2017


I was eating my yummy sandwich that I had made earlier.
As I went to take a bit of my sandwich my phone rang.
I went to answer it but my battery died before I could.

I put my sandwich down to try and fix my phone.
Then out of the corner of my eye a gorgeous white
dog leaped out as energetic as ever and stole my sandwich.
I hurried after it but after awhile I gave up. It was no use,
I could never get my sandwich back. I packed up all of
my stuff and went home.

Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Benji T4W6

Ahhh, I said as I woke up to the barely smoking campfire. I packed up my tent and put my bag comfortably on my back. The tall trees cast big shadows on the dirt ground. I could hear the loud birds chirp on the top of the pine trees, I had spent hours walking and the sky was slowly going dark. Just as I was looking for a place to tent, I could see smoke just a couple of meters away. I went over to find men in dark coats. Just as I heard sound behind me, it went black.

100WC T4 WK6 Alice

An evil wizard stalks the Wilson’s backyard. It is said that there is a curse upon the yard, and that he comes to their house at the dead of night. The wizard has always wanted revenge on the family’s ancestors for getting him kicked out of the town and banished for life. On one occasion the wizard was doing his nightly stalking when the youngest child of the Wilson family spotted him and he turned into solid stone. The baby of the family told her parents about the statue. The confused parents shifted the mysterious statue to a scenic park.

Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Rylee 100WC T4W6

I feel the cold sharp blade of a knife plunge into my heart. That was the end.

The foggy moonlight beam reflects off my bike lights. I ride through the empty town looking around wondering what happened. Seeing something further ahead, wants me to go closer but I stop. The black shadow walks towards me and my eyes pierce to his. Suddenly i’m face to face with my worst enemy, a shiver dribbles down my spine. A long black coat drapes down almost touching the ground. His hand slowly moves out from behind his coat. The blade stands forth from me. Guess what happened next...

Natasha T4W6

I was running so fast for about 20 minutes, till I was sure it had stopped chasing me then I collapsed to the floor in desperate need of water. I could see the bright stars in the dark sky and knew that was my last time seeing them. When I opened my eyes the figure that chased me to this place was standing right in front of me with a knife.
(5 years later)- New Reporter: ''Today we stand here at the spot of Jackson Height's mysterious death, 5 years ago police found the body of him dead for hours in this very sport. To remember this death civilians raised money to put a statue here of a dark figure to make everyone remember the bravery of the boy.''

Charlie 100Wc T4W6

I am the only one of us that can see them. I don’t how it happened but it’s haunted me for years.. They look exactly like the statue in Spencer park. Except they carry a feeling about them a kind of darkness that makes you shiver. I told someone once, that I saw them. I really shouldn't have trusted them. I was looked up there for years.

“Mr Andrews, if this is true why would you tell us now.” The officer asks.

“Because like I said I need protection” I explain with urgency

“Ok, but why tell us about  these……… so called creatures.”

“It's them. They're the ones that are coming after me.”

Jordi 100WC W6T4

Trick or treat smell my feet give us something yum to eat.
“I pick trick” A croaky voice, creepily mumbles from behind the door. Screams echo through the empty but yet busy streets. Three kids enter the haunted house ready to get a scarring of a lifetime. Ghosts and skeletons appear off the walls. “Not scared” the three bratty little kids say. You'll be scared now. The creepy neighbour yells as he draws a sword out of his thick throat.   Ahhh skin begins to flake of nothing but a dark black clock remands. Slowly day by day turning into stone.

100 WC Ryan M

Chucky. Chuck has been one of the great horror movies that has been around. Chucky was created by Tom Holland, John Lafia and Don Mancini. Chucky has been a great selection of horror movies. Chucky has had seven movies. The very first Chucky was released in November 9th 1988. The very first Chuckys’ movie AKA Child’s play reached a box office of 44.2 million. Now if `you havn’t seen Child’s play AKA Chucky you have to see it, because it’s old and it could be scary for some young ones. I hope I gave you an inside of Chucky.

James 100WC T4 W3

On the spooky night of halloween everyone is dressed up in frightening costumes. Me and my best friends got so much candy that after we filled up all our bags we had to put candy in our costumes. When our costumes were full we decided to go home and eat all our candy. But on the way home we had to go through a park that people said was haunted. We were walking through and we saw a figure that looked like a grim reaper. He said in his frightening voice “see you in hell’ then turned into a statue.

Monday, 20 November 2017

Sam 100WC T4 W6

As Lily and I trudged down to the old school bus in the blazing hot sun I immediately regretted taking history. We were about to walk around the boring museum (which was not to my taste). Our class went straight to the war exhibit, which was quite interesting at first but Lily didn’t like thinking about the things that happened. The teacher gave us permission to go back to the entrance and wait for them there. But we got lost. We stumbled upon a statue of a person, “wow that looks so realistic” Lily exclaimed. But then it started moving….

Corbin 100WC T4W6

Swish Swoosh Swish is all I could hear in the forest. The trees were swaying side to side and the wind was howling. We came across this black statue with its hood on its head, but the strange thing was it had no head. You wouldn't guess this statue's name. It’s Chucky the scary doll that changed into a scary human then died. Yep thats him. That happened 29 years ago he died on the 31st of October trying to change his soul back from a doll to a human having to murder people to get his human life back poor him.

Lui 100wc T4 W6

There once lived a demon witch she killed little kids and eat them. These are just a few of the disgusting thing she liked to do in her free time. She used to have a good friend that was called Julie but she mistaken her for a little kid and killed her. This is why she is so crazy. Her name is Karen and everyone calls her crazy Caren in the town. So to make herself feel better she goes to Juliet's grave every day and prays to her saying how sorry she is and how much she misses her.

Ashton 100WC T4 W6

"RUN!" I heard a grown man scream, I didn't know what he was doing but I soon realised that he was on to something. I could see a dark shape emerging form around a corner. Then the shape started running and I soon became aware he was running at me with something in his hand, so my instinct decision was to run and so I did that like It was the last thing I would do before I died. I could hear closing footsteps so I sidestepped to the left and ran down an alleyway until I had come to a dead end. "NO!" I screamed. I couldn't do anything, he grabbed me and then It was all black.

Bradley 100WC T4W6

Jimbo went down to the shop to get lemonade. He came back with a bottle of mountain dew and some raspberry

ripple ice cream flavoured whipped cream. Jimbo isn't the smartest cabbage in the patch, obviously, So he died and met Mr Reaper. Mr Reaper was so scared of Jimbo that he jumped up into the real world and turned into wood. People now days walk past the "Haunted Forest" and see the Grim Reaper for themselves they do selfies and photoshop him into other pictures not knowing he will get them one day for embarrassing him on the internet.

Sunday, 19 November 2017

Izzy 100WC T4W6

My legs swiftly carry me as I wandered across the breezy, scary and dim park. I was running late and it was getting dark, nobody would want to be left here, it’s spooky. I narrow around a corner at a fast pace, obviously unobservant to the obvious beside me. A brisk tug pulls me back falling hard and unconscious on to the stone hard path. I see the figure turn around to grab something large my life rushes before my eyes as he throws it at me turning me out completely cold… The park is a scary place to be.

🖤 Poppy's 100WC T4W6 🖤

I wear a hooded black cape, everyone wonders why, I tell them that I have no face, they do not believe me but it is the truth. When I was little I got burnt by a house fire that was actually my neighbour's house but I was being babysat by them, someone set the house on fire and me and my neighbours were in there, luckily we all got out apart from the father because he was reading the newspaper on the toilet. People made fun of me at school so I decided to start wearing this hooded black cape.


It was a few years ago now when I was walking in
the park at night, there was no one to be seen
or heard. Then out of nowhere a lightning bolt
threw itself from the sky, I tried to dodge it but it was
too late, It hit me. From that day on I have been
here in the park as a statue. Heaps of people
wonder how this statue got here. No one will ever
know that there is really a person inside of the
statue that’s me I can hear and see everything
they do or say.

Matthew 100WC WK6 T4

I was strolling through Hamilton park singing when I saw him.A tall man wearing a cloak hiding his face,He stood with his hands together he turned to look at me and said in a deep voice “Your time has come!” he uncoupled his hands and a massive scythe popped out nowhere,I tried to run but my legs were frozen where they were a chill went up my spine I wanted to scream for help or get my phone and call 111 but I was stuck, speechless shocked,He started moving towards me a deathly trail following behind.

Connor 100WC T4 W6

 A few years ago, a mother and father decided they needed a break, so they wanted to head out for a night on the town. They called their most trusted babysitter. When the babysitter arrived, the two children were already fast asleep in bed. So it was a pretty easy job.

Later that night, the babysitter got bored and went to watch TV, but she couldn't watch it downstairs because they did not have cable for the TV. So she called the parents and asked them if she could watch TV in the parents' room. Of course, the parents said, but the babysitter had one final request... she asked if she could cover up the statue outside the bedroom window with a blanket, because it made her nervous. 

That was the last they ever heard of the babysitter.

When the parents got home the children were still there but not the Babysitter...

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Natasha 100WC T4W5

The day was good for hunting, Tom the Big and Brave was feeling lucky today. He hopped out of his cabin and ran down to the crew at the bottom of the ship. His odor smell sickening those who kept themselves clean and his lengthy black beard filled with things that are not spoken of. Some days are worse than others in a pirate's life but today was going to be a good day because today was the day of finding treasure. The mysterious map that was going to lead them to it was hidden in the second draw of Tom's rusty cabinets. That was the last thing Tom remembered. When he woke up next he was next to the treasure that he'd been dreaming about. The only thing Tom came to say was 'It's great! But where would we hide it all?'


I am a refugee named Iralia from Syria.
I’m 16 years old and I’m in a refugee
camp with my mother and father.
We have hardly any food or water
and everyone is in need of food.
I remember when we first got to
the camp we had some food.
Everyone was hungry and was
begging for our food.
We wanted to help but we needed
it to survive. My parents told me
to hide all of our food. I remember
thinking “ but where would we hide it all”
because there was nowhere to
hide it in a refugee camp.

Tuesday, 14 November 2017

🖤 Poppy's 100WC T4W5 🖤

My grandmother and I have a secret, you can't tell anybody, swear on your life? We are robbers, we have robbed all over the world, we mostly rob for jewels. I have to go were about to steal some more jewels, I think we’re stealing from the Jewel shop across the road from the dairy. We stole a huge blue sapphire, on no! I think I heard some police sirens coming down our street, “come on we have to go!” said my grandmother “but where should we hide it all?” I asked back “it doesn't matter let's go!!” so my grandmother and I set off nowhere to be found.

100wc T4 W5 rosie

Your mum will kill us. Lulu we’ve done this a million times, what’s the worst that could happen? Oh my goodness i’m so excited sleepovers are great fun but Think like sleepovers are much more fun. Yes but Eva all the lollies we got so many, oh the trouble we’ll get into! Oh calm down Lulu don’t worry about it. Ok but where will we hide it all? Surely we can put in a bag or something and sneak it into your bed. Oh hi mum! Hi Lisa me and Eva where just talking about our sleepover, Nothing much planned.

Corbin 100WC T4W5

Me, Trevor and Franklin just robbed a bank today we had a really satisfying plan. Our plan was to stop all the security cameras then go into the bank with assault shotguns and carbon rifles and blow it up. And guess what we did. We blew it up, all you could hear was Bang Bang Bang! as we raced out of the bank shooting cops down like never before while jumping into the helicopter. When we got to Michael's house Trevor yells “Were Rich” and Franklin said “but where would we hide it all”. Michael said don't worry I’ve got a place for it.

Ashton 100WC T4 W5

I grabbed my face mask and slowly put it on. Once I had put it on I walked into the store and grabbed my pistol out of my belt and held it up and took a shot into the ground. I heard screams from the other side of the store and people running all over the place. I screamed " give me your food now!" and all of a sudden a bag came out of nowhere and landed right in front of me. I grabbed It and ran, I ran for my life. I then thought but where would I hide it all? 

Rylee 100WC T4W5

Where would we hide it all? I dash down the streets turning at every corner that meets me. Sirens screeching in the distance and the top of their lungs. Then I reach a dead end, I look over and under, but see nothing. Seeing the torches from the police quickly racing around the corner makes me nervous. A shivering tingle glides up my spine as I gaze upwards. I drop the bags filled with toys as I hear the gun being loaded. My hands come up as I meet eyes with the heavy man standing ahead. I say “the orphanage is right around the corner”.

Monday, 13 November 2017

Charlie 100Wc T4W5

The hidden stash!

“Look all we have to do is create a distraction, sneak in there, grab the stash and hide it till schools out. Harry, you rough up some year 12’s, to get Mr Haggett out of the office”. Neville, Go in and ask Mrs White for the set of school keys for ‘ a teacher’. I'll be behind you, pass Haggett's office key to me. I'll go in, snatch the candy and pass it out the window to Jim.  “That sounds good Tom but where would we hide it all?” asked Neville nervously  ”That's the best part” I explained with enthusiasm.

Sam 100WC T4 W5

Every morning I wake up to the same thing. The same mean kids tormenting me, the same selfish and cruel matron and the same feeling of loss and dismay. In the orphanage we get starved and by we I mean me and Sophie, we’re known as the brats of the orphanage so there for the last to be served food. You would think they would make enough for everyone but they don’t. So we’ve made a plan we will escape and rob the bakery on the corner but the only question stopping us is where would we hide it all?

Izzy 100WC T4W5

Screaming down the hallways, chasing my older sister, was my usual friday routine. “ Tag your it Sally” I yell. I pivot on my foot and dart down towards the other end of the house. I turn around laughing to see how close Sally was behind, but taking my eye off the road came crashing down. I smash into the wall taking all of my mother prized China plates and dolls with me. Sally comes around the corner, I say extremely teary eyed “ don’t tell Mom”. But she looks at me as if to say but where  would we hide it.

Connor 100WC T4 W5

A man wearing a heavy army jacket, a pullover wool cap and dark sunglasses walked into the First American Bank at the corner of Maple and Main streets in downtown Short Beach.
The man walked up to the teller and held up a hand grenade for all to see. He said, "Give me all your money, all the money in this bank, right now!"Everyone in the lobby screamed and started running, even the security guard. Nervously, the young female teller handed the man three big bags loaded with cash. He walked out the door. A second later, he came back in and said I want more but then proceeded to whisper under his breath but where would we hide it all?

Sunday, 12 November 2017

Benji T4 W5

There was John and his friends, climbing on shipping container in rural Jamaica. John was climbing to the top of one when he slipped down and knocked the door open. When he saw huge boxes and boxes of something. Curiously he slowly opens one of the first boxes to find it full to the brim of the purest carrot quality diamonds. He called his 3 friends over too look.
“We need to take this, it will make us rich” Steve exclaimed.
“Yeah but where would we hide it all” asked Chris.
They managed to hide and sell the diamonds succesfully.

Bradley 100WC T4W5

Halloween is just around the corner and I’ve got my costume all picked out and sorted I’m going to be a Frankenstein monster and fill up my trousers with candy because of how loose the pants will be I’ve planned out that I’ll leave the house at
4 o’clock and come back home at around 8 o'clock then my trousers will be filled with candy plus my pillow case that I’ll take along with me. But were will I hide it all? My parents can’t find out that I’ve got massive amounts of candy in my room, wish me luck.

Lui 100wc T4 W5

Johnny and crew were on a mission to steal a million dollars from a bank so they planned it all out and The first thing that came to Johnny’s mind  was that where would we hide it all. So they set off to the american national bank. They ran in and picked the lock to the volt that held the million dollars that they wanted. So they packed the bag full of money and ran out. As soon as they hoped in the car police pulled in front of them. So they hopped out the car with their hands on their heads.

T4 100WC WK4 Alice

“Ssshhhh, be quiet” whispered Mia, “don’t move”. We all froze in fear with tons of sugary lollies stuffed in our mouths. The sound of Mia’s parents footsteps stomping down the hall was very intimidating as we were making trouble. “Lets hide the lollies” whispered Ella. “Yes, we should….. But where would we hide it all?” I murmured. Mia’s parents footsteps mysteriously silenced. “Hide the lollies in the closet” Ella mumbled. We gathered up the sweets, and shoved the whole lot in the closet and sprinted back to bed. The door creaked open and a head popped in and just yelled…..

Jordi 100WC T4W5

“The quest continues” I mumble as I dream the all the magical, mystical and marvelous adventures. Some with goblins singing, ballerinas transforming and dolphins playing hopscotch. One of my favorite dreams was when there was a girl who know one knew. No one believed in and no one took the time to know her. But she could do the impossible. Once I had a dream that she was in an underground cave with ninjas attacking her, she had a camera that recorded one sentence. “But where would we hide it” I’m just guessing she had to hide some gold coins.

100 WC Ryan

Sup i’m Kevin, and i’m a bad man who does bad stuff. When I do Bad stuff it necessarily means I rob banks for a living. I make good money and I have hot sexy wife called Meli. I’ve had massive heists, like when I stole $2.9 billion from the man himself Bill Gates. When I stole $2.9 billion it was all in cash but where would we hide it all. Me and my crew stored it in a small island west of the pacific sea. So that’s my life, live life just like me. Please live life.

Thursday, 9 November 2017

Charlie 100Wc T4W4

Pompeii Italy, 24 August, 79 AD

It came through the cracked stone and under the door. The black mass swirled around before settling on the floor. It didn’t stop, for days on end. Meanwhile Mt. Vesuvius still rumbled in the background. The ash had piled up to my knees when it started. I even saw the gas spread into the room. I happened to all of us at the same time. Suddenly I couldn't breathe even though I was inhaling air. The pain took hold One second… Two … then nothing.

I wake up shocked, there's no pain, even though I thought I was dead. I look at my hands and….. I can see right through them.


Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Natasha 100WC T4W4

It rushes right in front of Peter like no big deal. No. It can't be, He keeps telling himself it's an illusion but he just can't get it through his head. All his hard research of gathering evidence these past 5 years, and then the subject can't just rush in front of him just like that! When Peter was young living in Sunnydale he saw two ghosts clear as crystal, talking to each other like they were normal people. Then when he told everyone what he had witnessed of course nobody believed him. So for the past 5 years Peter has tried to prove everyone wrong. In that moment Peter shook his head in disbelief and ran after his evidence...

100WC T4 W4 Jordi

Brain washed by our screens. We never see things as clearly as it truly is. We have to ask ourselves do I see everything I’m meant to see. For example The blurry shadows we think are just our imaginations. Well no, I know you're gonna think I’m crazy but ghosts, they are real and I’m gonna prove it. I have photographic proof of the  ghosts. Although there’s no possible way to take a clear photo of a ghost, I have a blurry photo of the ghosts. When you just stop staring at your devises and look around you’ll find out.

100WC T4 W4 James

I was shopping with my friends last night and I was enjoying it until I saw a bunch of peaceful ghost. I was screaming but nobody else noticed the ghosts. Everybody was just staring at me screaming intensely. A few seconds later I couldn't see the ghosts but someone else would see the ghosts and then they wouldn't see the ghost anymore then someone else would see the ghosts. All the ghost looked the humans from all ages. We decided to ignore the ghosts if we saw them. After that night no more ghost were found in that area again.

Tuesday, 7 November 2017

🖤 Poppy's 100WC T4W4 🖤

I’m in ghost town, I don't know how I got here and I don't know anyone here, the only person that could be here is Mum, she died when my twin and I were 3, I'm not sure where to find her. I asked a few people but they said no. I walked up to a weird screen and I saw it right there, the answer I've been looking for, I tapped the screen and appeared my siblings and dad sitting in the waiting room at the hospital, I went into one of the rooms and there laid on the bed was me.


I had just gone for dinner with my friends Kylie
and Samantha. I had heard someone call my
name as I was walking to my car. I turned around
but there was no one there. So  I kept on walking.
Then I saw something zoom past me. I looked to
see what it could be but there was nothing there.
I blinked to make sure that I wasn’t dreaming but
when I opened my eyes there was people all
around me. I blinked again and they were
all gone. Was I going crazy or was there
ghosts all around me?

rosie 100wc t4w4

Ghost Town

Ghost Town is a humble little town in London, England well almost there is a special way to get there. Inside a nice clothing shop called Pink’s which is owned by a lovely young lady who has more of a big job than you think, she has to make sure all the ghost people get through safely with no one noticing their opaque appearance. The way to get through to Ghost Town is to go into the changing room and there is an invisible portal into Ghost Town where all the ghosts run free and be with their own kind.

Izzy 100WC T4W4

I glance across to my right to see a person, not a normal person. I gasp, a ghost in my own town? Could anyone else see this peculiar figure looming around the streets of London. He stared me down, am I targeted for some reasons? The mysterious human came floating towards me, a deaf grin splattered over his face. This must be in my head, an illusion, it must be. Nobody is noticing me getting cornered by this creature. Now I see, not just one person was narrowing me down, and not just one was translucent either, in fact all.

Ashton 100WC T4W4

An almost clear dome surrounded the little town of Hobsonville. On this busy day of the week I decided to go into town to get some new jackets for the coming season. I looked around the town of many people and noticed something, every person looked like a ghost. I thought I was hallucinating. I tried to touch a man but my hand went straight through his body. Suddenly I fell, It seemed as though I was endlessly falling until I felt a blow to my head and then I couldn't see,hear or smell anything.
Then black. Just black, nothing but black entered me.

Monday, 6 November 2017

Corbin T4W4

It’s halloween. I’m scared of halloween because people tell you about Killer Clown’s and the movie IT. So I decided to ditch School and go to Central France Where all the nice people were. I was so scared I went up to someone screaming to them “I need shelter” but they didn't listen. Then I did it again, again and again and they didn't listen. I thought to myself “Well that’s strange”. So I went up to someone and pulled their coat. But all of a sudden my hands slip of the coat. Then I found out what I was. I was a GHOST!!!

Sam 100WC T4 W4

The war took many lives and was a dreadful time for a lot of people it was described as a big dark cloud that was cast all around the globe. But it was especially bad in London where a lot of bombing took place. It was so horrific that parents sent their children on a train to the countryside so that they would be safe. The town was described ghostly after the terrible bombings. With lots of people being injured or killed because of the bombings you could feel the unlucky ones walking around you as if they were ghosts.

Connor T4 W4 2017

An inky night shielded itself over the town's square. Only the radiance from shops glared into the cobbled streets, while residents, distant and near, wondered around searching the new shops. But today there seemed to be a smoky look in the air. It wasn't until later I realized I lost my hat and it was then that things started to go unearthly bad! White spots had now started to form in the sky and It had even started to get dark which was sort of weird because it was only five 'o' clock. I decided to get out of the weird circumstances so I ducked into an alleyway, then all of a sudden everything went black.

Bradley 100WC T4W4

I live in a ghost town, by that I don’t mean there’s hardly anyone living here- this place is HAUNTED. The museum has ghosts and the tomb of a mummy is creepy. The other day was life day. I went to the museum and the mummy was alive. You can’t tell me that my hometown isn’t haunted, because it clearly is. Swarming ghosts shaking mummy’s this place I call home is truly haunted to the bone. The other day my sister woke up with a skeleton under her bed and screamed like a howler monkey! Which is very very annoying.

Sunday, 5 November 2017

Benji T4 W4 xD

*Breathing heavily*

Here I am in the Alley, before I had just noticed a can disappear from the supermarket and before I could pretend I didn’t see it the can started hastily moving towards me. I casually walked out not knowing if it was following me, I made a left turn, a right, it was still following me. I started jogging. It started jogging. I started sprinting until I reached an alley. I was trapped. It was no longer holding the can and I couldn’t see where it was. I looked up saw a flower pot and everything went black,

Max 100wc T4W4

One day there was a man named Jim. Jim loved to walk through the city of New York. But one day while he was walking to work everyone went transparent so he thought everyone was a ghost so he ran around screaming like a headless chicken. Which led everyone to think he was crazy so someone called the police and said their is a crazy man running around. So the police caught Jim and chucked him in a mental asylum. But Jim knew he wasn’t crazy so he decided to plot his escape which he planned for later that week.

Rylee 100WC T4W4

The glossy white skyscrapers stare down at me like they want revenge. I run through the streets screaming for help and no one reaches out a hand. I tug at someone's coat but my hands just slip. I pause. I look at myself hands down but see nothing, am I, no couldn’t be. I feel and tingle up my spine as more and more people walk through me. Scared and frightened everyday I’ll still wander to streets alone. The midnight breeze flows through my thick hair as the shimmering moon shines brighter than before.

Even though people couldn’t see me, I called myself ‘Ghost’.

Emma 100WC T4W4

“What do you think?” Ted’s friend, Joe, had put on his ghost costume and was showing it to Ted.
   “It’s stupid, ghosts aren’t even real!” Replied Ted, and Joe stormed away.

The next day was Halloween. Ted didn’t celebrate it, and just went for a walk in London. While he was walking he suddenly felt like someone was behind him. He turned around, and nearly had a heart attack. There was a ghost standing there!

   “Are you sure we’re not real?” Asked the ghost smugly. Ted looked around himself in a panic and realised everyone around him was a ghost.

100WC WK4 T4 Alice

One stormy night, a mad scientist called Bruce, was mixing his dangerous chemicals together, when suddenly a massive explosion occurred. Purple powder seeped out of the laboratory door and into the clueless city. Bruce sprinted out into the city and watched in awe, as humans turned into ghosts. The innocent humans didn’t notice their dramatically changed appearance, they just carried on talking and laughing. Bruce was absolutely horrified at this sight, so he decided to go back to his lab to try and figure out a cure for this abnormal scene. He worked all night and……. Nothing could be done.

Thursday, 2 November 2017

Emma 100WC T4W1

BASH! The criminal tripped over a chair, but luckily no one on the beach heard. He carefully lit a fire, held the match to the wooden wall and ran away through the house. Tomorrow he’d come back and see how much damage he had caused. A minute later the people swimming in the ocean, who were celebrating a birthday party, all stopped and stared as they simultaneously noticed the flame curling around the house on the shore.  The white painted wood slowly turned black and fell apart. Everybody was watching, but nobody noticed the person dressed in black sneaking away.

100WC T4 W3 James

Today we are celebrating my little sister's birthday. Last year on her birthday we went swimming at the beach. I remember that birthday because she couldn't blow out the candles. It was really fun just like this birthday. Her birthdays always got better every time and always were better than mine. My parents birthdays were always the worst though, they never did anything except talk. I think birthdays get more boring when you get older so when you're young make the most of your birthday parties and have fun. When you get older you should relax at your birthdays though.

100wc w3 t4 jordon

Tomorrow I am going to the water park for my birthday i’m so excited i went to bed but could not sleep. It was finally morning i get into my swimming trunks and hoped into the car and trove of. We arrived at the water park it was cold with white fog everywhere we got in and celebrated after got to blow out the flame of the candle it was a fun but we had to leave the park and go home. Well it was fun well it lasted.well at least I got some good gifts to play with.

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Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Natasha 100WC T4W3

I had never seen an ocean so beautiful. Memories of my mother and father. The white and blue waves bowed down to the rough sand dragging some back with it. The cloud even looked fluffy, the sun ensured that we pack our sunblock and sunglasses. This was the first time I looked at the world in a different way since 3 months ago. After a day of swimming,  we celebrated the end by making the best bonfire that I had since the day that I hated of thinking of for ages but today the flames and singing, reminded of my dead parents that I came to this beach with. I can't wait for tomorrow.

Jordi 100WC T4 W3

Red, yellow and orange flames wildly tossed in the air. This was the show that the swimming race was beginning. Three, two, one ( splash. ) Competitors flew through the deep pool. People screamed there names, cheering them on. The competitors swam with all their energy, wasted in the end. When it was over everybody celebrated and congratulated one in other.  “Attention” called a tall guy he was wearing a white top and denim ripped jeans. “ Just a reminder tomorrow finals will be held here. So I suggest you all get a good nights rest and stay hydrated for the finals tomorrow.

Bradley 100WC T4W3

Today is the best day ever, I know it will be! Dad has organised a party to get together with mates and family. We have got this place buy the river so we can go swimming,biscuiting and boating in it and there will be hot flames for roasting delicious marshmallows until they become a gooey white colour. Our friends would of probably celebrated so hard they had to stay not wanting tomorrow to come. Plus there will be wicked fireworks booming in the sky annoying the dog. I can’t wait for this party to start of with a bang!

100 WC wk3 t4

As I was swimming through the white waters I crossed the finish line and celebrated with all my  family. There were fireworks going off, there were flames in cylinders lighting up. There was everything you could wish for when winning. That’s what i’m hoping to happen tomorrow. Hi my name is Kesha and i’m a great swimmer. I sometimes boost my confidence, but that’s what I love about me. There’s a big swimming event tomorrow which i’m hoping to win. The prize is $15,000, that’s a lot of money. I can’t tell you more cause it’s about to start.

Lui 100wc T4 W3

One night we celebrated my birthday. Then suddenly we saw a flame on the corner of the white table cloth. We ran outside to call the emergency services but they said due to the long waiting list that we would have to call again tomorrow. We kept trying and trying frantically trying to get a hold of someone to help when suddenly w heard a loud bang. It was the gas pump just after the loud bang the wooden house caught on fire. My mother dropped to her knees and started to cry as the house fell bit by bit.

Rylee 100WC T4W3


A flame burns swimming around through the midnight air. I take another step, dragging my feet through the thick snow. Soon after I couldn’t feel the burning heat against me. My glossy white coat reflects off the shimmering water. I saw torches and people calling my name, but they had no answer. Shivering, I try to reach my foot out but instead I freeze. Today we celebrated my brother's 21st, but things got a little out of hand. Everyone was screaming at each other, so I ran. A shiver ran down my spine, I don't think i’ll last for tomorrow.

Matthew 100WC T4 WK3

While I was swimming I was thinking about the Potatoes we were gonna plant in our garden when my brother came up to me and reminded me to get out in a few minutes because we were going to our grandma’s house to celebrate white flame day.It happened every 10 years.The white flame day was a day to celebrate a flame that burned white.Everyone in our town always goes to the town hall to watch the white flame come to life.We all came to the hall even the old it is truly amazing for us all.