Monday, 31 July 2017

Connor 100WC T3W2

The hike was hard and grueling, I was sure that my tour guide didn't know where he was going but we kept hauling on. We came to a small old shack that had apparently been there for 51 years. He said we were going to have a short break. So After about 20 minutes, we started again, he said it was mostly down hill from now.

But it started to get dark and it started to rain. I could tell that a thunderstorm was going to evolve. But all of a sudden a flash made me jump with terror sending me over a root onto the ground and down the steep Hill. I was alright so the tour guide said we will have to get out of here so he called 111 and the chopper took us off the top of the mountain to safety.

Sunday, 30 July 2017

Corbin 100WC T3W2

I used to live under a bridge, I hated it there because I was always getting sick and cold. I had no house, money, food or blanket, I was lucky enough to get a nibble of an apple. well I lived about 18 years under the bridge but then the flash made me take a wish I closed my eyes and wished I was a billionaire, then I appeared in a awesome mansion worth 1 billion dollars I kept blinking I was flabbergasted I never knew a shooting star would make wishes come true. It was the good old day’s.



I was a man who loved to hike. I would go on hikes whenever possible. While working my job I saw an ad of an impressive huge hike. I quickly clicked on it and in that weekend went to that destination. I later started the track. When halfway through the track I realized I didn’t have much water or food. Then it hit me, I was lost. Hours went by of me trying to find a way out. I was about to end all hope but then the flash made me have just enough. The flash was a road.

Thursday, 27 July 2017

Matthew t3 wk1

Timmy and his friend Jeff were on there way to school when all of a sudden the school bullies followed them onto the road that there school is on and dragged them behind the nearby bushes and beat them up with baseball bats .Timmy and Jeff were in tears with black eyes and broken noses.They dragged themselves 5 meters before fallen on there face on the floor eventually nearby pedestrians called the ambulance and soon found out who it was by.The school bullies went to juvenile for 5 weeks and Timmy and Jeff went straight to the hospital.

Wednesday, 26 July 2017

🖤 Poppy 100WC T3W1 🖤

I was walking through the town. Everything looked normal when all of a sudden there was a huge BOOM down the road.I went to look at what happened but then went another BOOM. I kept on going to find out that it was the crazy lady and her pet donkey. I asked her what she was doing? She replied “Oh, I'm just testing this new type of ice cream” I replied “Cool! But you're being very loud, so could you try to be a bit quieter?”The lady’s donkey screamed and ran into me.

100 WC

Ahhhhhhhhhh, that was the scream of my last victim. Hello my name is Jack, and I’m in  love with evilness. I just love everything about it. When i’m older, I want  be the greatest criminal master of all time. Being evil feel’s great and blood rushing. On October 31st I was planning a very gruesome heist, I was going to steal a piece of chocolate from the pantry. I was going towards pantry when all of a sudden I heard the very scary footsteps of my mother walking I saw her stole the cookie and ran. It was a success.

From Ryan Mitchell

Grace 100WC T3W1

I was walking down the road when all of a sudden a rattlesnake popped out of the bushes. He lunched at my leg and sank his razor sharp teeth into my calf. I yelled at the top of my lungs HELP but then I remembered there's no one for miles. I sat there in pain not knowing what to do.Yelling and yelling knowing that no one would hear me.The pain really started to kick in know I could feel the poison running through my body.I lay down not knowing how I got to this point I closed my eyes and fell asleep…...

Bradley 100WC T3W1

Air Crash Disaster

Pilot’s have a big job to do flying  aeroplanes overseas while they hold many lives in their hands one thing goes wrong and all those lives become in danger.

Hi My name is Lachlan and I’m writing to share my survival story… I was boarding the Boeing 777 all excited, I couldn’t believe that I was going to Beijing. I sat in my seat and we were off! I had a look at the different movies there were but none of them interested me so I went to sleep. When all of a sudden I woke up to plane wreckage.

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Charlie's 100 Word Challenge Term 3 Week 1

I was sitting there looking out the window at the birds having a wonderful day dream when all of a sudden Tessa elbows me shaking me out of my fantasy. I find i'm sitting there in front of my computer with a blank page. “Guys I need a idea to write about.” I explain. Tessa then suggest to right about nothing. I get kind of getting frustrated trying get the point across to her, I can't write about nothing. “Then right about this.” she suggested flapping her arms around. So that's what I did I wrote about that exact moment.

Natasha 100WC T3W1

It was a lovely day to go a road trip in my opinion. The sun was shining down from the bold blue sky. As we drove past all the cities filled with colour that brightens your day, my family and I were talking happily about our everyday lives and singing to songs coming on the radio of our new car. Even though we lived in Hamilton and there is a lot to see there, our family is adventurous and like to explore new things, so this morning we made the plan to go to Auckland. When all of a sudden…

Monday, 24 July 2017

Jordi 100WC T3W1

‘‘What's that smell ? It smells like pizza.’’ I walk in, only to find pizza hugging the walls and the floors of the diner. The sauce was oozing of the cheesy burnt crust. And pepperoni was clinging lifelessly to the walls. ‘‘How did this happen’’? I asked curiously. ‘‘Well dad left me in charge of the diner, and everybody was ordering pizza pizza so I thought to make it easier I should just make one big pizza to save time. Because I didn't know the actual amounts of ingredients  I added twelve cups of baking powder, and it kinda went BOOM.


I was walking along the footpath when all of
a sudden out of the blue I heard a loud scream.
I looked around there was no one around.
The sky turned black and the birds stopped chirping.
Then everything went silent. I felt a chill run
down my spine. I thought to myself what was
happening to me was this a dream? I walked
down my friends driveway. As I reached the front
door I could see blood everywhere.
The front door was open. I walked inside.
At that moment I realised this was real.
My best friend was dead.

Sam 100WC T3W1

While Me and my friend Lucy walked to school on a quiet Wednesday morning we were dreading having to go through another day of school. We live in Christchurch New Zealand and go to our local primary school. When we got to school we put our bags on the hooks and run outside into the cool breeze to admire the frosty morning. When all of a sudden the ground begins to shake vigorously. We immediately know what is happening, “ Earthquake!” I Scream at the top of my lungs. All I could hope for was for my family to be safe...

Ashton 100WC W1 T3

Beep!Beep!Beep! I awakened with the longest yawn ever and tried to hit the snooze button on my alarm clock but instead hit a round hairy object and then I soon realised it was Jimmy my labrador he jumped up on my bed and gave me the wake up lick. I got up stopped the alarm and went down the hallway. At the end of it I glimpsed a tall dark object who seemed to be staring at me, Jimmy ran at the object. When all of a sudden I hear a loud bang then ringing and then nothing.  

Izzy 100WC T3W1

As I peered down the mysterious track of the deathly hallows, I knew deep down that someone was following me. Carrying on down the track I felt  series of breaths beating in my ear drums. Were they close? The leaves rustled underneath me, with twigs snapping every step I took.  All I could do was run for my life, these people were dangerous I knew it. But the questions in my head still swirled in thoughts. What's going to happen to my family? What do they want from us? With the foots step softening I finally turn around to see...

Alice T3WK1 100WC

….when all of a sudden….. One summer day I was enjoying surfing the huge sparkling waves. I started paddling towards the next wave, when all of a sudden I spotted a peculiar dark figure. Straight away I knew that it was a shark. Soon after, I panicked and paddled away extremely fast, but the shark was a metre away from me. To my horror it took a bite out of my surfboard, the size of a school bag. A rescue boat came quickly to the scene, I tried to ignore pain in my leg as they pulled me up.

Rylee 100WC T3W1

100 WC T3W1

Hearing whispers of my name made me go closer. A mysterious light caught my attention in a blink of an eye. I carefully placed my finger upon the crystals. Suddenly I drop. Im awake lying in a isolated room with crimson blood dripping of my finger. A shadow rises through crumbling walls. It was the same voice as before but saying “leave”. I scattered, trying to get up. I ran for the door but couldn’t reach. I look at my unpolished feet when all of a sudden I see a chain holding me back. A prison is what I’ll  be.

By Rylee Smith

Connor 100WC T3W1

One day I was baking a nice round chocolate cake. I had mixed the mixture and then I put it into the oven. When there was about 4 minutes left I opened the oven to see how it was going. When all of a sudden there was a very loud bang that gave me a fright and sent me flying back into the side of the bench. The cake had completely exploded and set half of it onto the carpet below the oven. Then I realized that my son had played a trick on me and put a balloon in without me knowing, and this is what happened. I will get him back I thought to myself.

Benji 100WC

100 Word Challenge

Jerry, a 14-year-old boy who loves to cycle. One day when cycling with his friends Harry and Frank, they were racing through parks, plazas and small alleys. Frank was the fastest of them and was always at the front he would let Jerry and Harry have a head start so that he could eventually beat them, so Frank is racing through an old alley
when all of a sudden a car pulls out and hits Frank off his bike and sends him sliding down the asphalt. In a quick hurry, Jerry calls an ambulance. Frank recovers soon after

Max 100wc T3W1

Jim and his friend Frank went to Rainbow’s end. Jim and Frank decided to go on lots of the rides, but they loved the corkscrew coaster the most so they went on that ride many of times. But at the start they saw the fear fall, so they said “we’ll go on the fear fall last.” While they were at the the fear fall they were the only people in line so they got to go on it straight away when all of a sudden they were already at the top and before they could say anything it dropped quickly.

Sunday, 23 July 2017

Corbin 100WC T3W1

My friends and I were at the mall when all of a sudden we heard banging, crashing and yelling in the bank we were fascinated in what was going on. As soon as we got to the bank someone stuck a boom to the gate door and the bank teller yelled get down and we bounded to the ground I was howling out MUM, MUM I need you, but my Mum was at home. I saw the robber’s take the money there was about 4 million dollars in there but it wasn't about the money it was about people's lives.