Wednesday, 31 May 2017


The familiar sound of mum and dad’s shiny, new black volvo making its was towards the dinnery for their anniversary dinner made me uneasy, as I would be home alone tonight. At every movement or sound my heart lept out of my chest. The stormy, wet weather didn’t help either. I tried to firmly remind myself that I’m just being silly and seeing things. In the flash of lighting I saw a large, bulky figure out of the corner of my eye. I froze, to afraid to move. I attempted to scream but nothing came out, then everything went black. Image result for big man figure shadow at night


John was on his couch watching t.v One rainy day. John was always home alone because he never had much friends so he was very weary of his surrounding. Zap! Lightning hit the top of his house. It hit the signal disk and his t.v turned off, he went outside to see what happened. Zap! “More lightning”he said. After that an old man appeared and then was gone. The next morning he talked to the police. He said in the flash of lightning i saw this old man. He was holding an axe he shrieked in fright!  
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Corbin T2W5

100 Word Challenge

Exactly a decade ago in the flash of lightning I saw a Camaro 1969 zooming down the road like a bullet whizzing and drifting around the streets in LA. The cars looked like they were fully customised, black as black rims, leather dashboards, fancy spoiler,shiny chassis everything you would ever dream of on your car. Then as I stared at the car I caught a glimpse of thousands of cars and I was flabbergasted. Then the cars started hasten it down the road. I was running for my life. Then I was screaming. Then I was in hospital seriously injured.


100WC T2W5

Shivering and shaking, I stare. The castle on the hill no one dared to go in. The mossy door creaks opens, I step. Looking around, all I see is pitch black. The world was chilled still, and I was all by myself. Scared. In the flash of lighting I saw a big bulky shadow rise behind me. I'm trapped, scrambling around in this little room trying to untie myself. I hear the howling of the wolves outside my window. I sit up in my damp bed. Looking around me i'm still in my room. It was all just a dream.

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The horror in Hilton Hotel

I crept up the screechy stairs of Hilton Hotel, crackling viciously every step I make. My hand reaches for the rotten brown door, that lead to the dark attic. “ Zara, are you in here?” I say with a squeaky voice. “ Zara?” The wobbly boards rattle as I tried to find my sister. I couldn’t stop thinking about those hotel assistants who seem to float around like ghosts ready to kill. “ Zara?” I called one last time. Then in the flash of lightning I saw Zara lying on the ground dead. The shock burned in my stomach. “ Your next little boy.”    


In the flash of lighting i saw a little cute puppy.Cold and wet whimpering for some love.The puppy looked very dehydrated.Come on little guy come home with me. I picked him up in my warm jacket and he snuggled up into my arms.Here we go little guy home sweet home. I took him in and put him by the toasty hot fire to dry his coat. Here is some water little guy he drank it up like he hadn't seen water in years. I gave him a fluffy blanket and snuggled up next to him.

Benji ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

“Don’t go, a man murdered her wife there, now the island is haunted?” said the crazy old farmer. I didn’t listen. I am an adventurist looking for exotic birds to photograph and log. I was at my old rusted log cabin, there were no windows. I could clearly hear breathing outside the door. I nervously walked up to look out the keyhole, in the flash of lightning I saw a girl pale white wearing a white dress facing away. I stumbled back quickly looking back to only see red.
“She is completely pale, but her eyes are red"


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In the flash of lightning I saw…

One rainy day I was getting really bored.
I slouched to my mother but I tripped over a cord.
Realizing life is not easy.
I felt a little bit queasy.
So I went to the kitchen and cooked a meal.
And I looked out the window, looking at something ideal.
That sunset was actually perfection.
But it turned out to be a misconception.
That light had disappeared.
And what came out was very weird.
In the flash of lightning I saw.
One sick little trembling paw.
Hairy Maclary from Donaldson’s Dairy.
Was crawled up outside my house.
So small, looking like a mouse.

By Natasha Raza


Tom was on his way home after finally completing his writing task that was set by his teacher MR.Arbuckle.Tom dreaded his new young teacher and was always rude to him.Tom was thinking of some way he could troll his teacher and decided to take a shortcut home . when in the flash of lightning he saw a tall man with a ice hockey mask on and a chainsaw . Tom ran until he was out of breath. By then he was nearly home but it was too late for Tom as the murderer pulled out a gun and shot.


                          100 Words Image result for a fat seagull

I saw a big seagull at the beach.walking up the beach it only had one eye. The seagull only one eye. And smelt disgusting. The seagull only had one eye and it very smelly. Then I noticed that he only had one wing. The seagull only had one eye and smelt really bad and also had one wing. Then the seagull started eating rubbish.The seagull only had one eye and it was really smelly and only had one wing and it had diabetes. Then in a flash of lighting I saw  a shark eat the seagull.

jordon 100 word W5

Ding Dong.Oh no it can’t be. The smoke smell and the sound of bells is heard. The streets lamps went out. The bell sound got louder and louder by the second. Lightning light the sky, rain fell and hail showered. In the corner of my eye i saw a big black figure  with red eyes. It smiled at me with sharp teeth , blood dripping down. Its time it said with a low voice. No! No! NO! Not yet . what are you saying? Said the figure. Then in a flash of lightning i saw it’s party time said the figure.