Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Charlie 100wc T4W8

The sweat trickled down my face , meanwhile the mosquitoes buzzed in my ear. My feet aches and my arms heavy from carrying the Machete. The troops and I  continue to cut the wall of plant. We barely have a chance to see them before we have two does hand weapons aimed at us.  So these were the people we had been wared of. We all turn around, prepared to run. “Grrrrrrrrrr” Even though the weapons were still pointed on us no one dared to run. The tiger was blocking our escape. What to do face the tiger or the hostile natives.

James 100WC T4 W8

It’s the 7th of December 2017 and we have breaking news of a high speed chase of a truck filled of baby chicks and chickens. The man👨 driving the truck is unknown but approximately 8 minutes ago he shot 🔫another man driving the truck. The trucks brand is called chicken express and the truck is importing the chickens into Haru Sushi🍣 which is going to make the chickens into sushi and use the chicks into the meat in bento bowls. The man was caught and the man's name was Bob Williams. He is now in court and will face trial.

100 word challenge, Ryan

It all started off with a fierce wolf, a ugly chicken, a cute ladybug, a beautiful angel and a delicious  bowl of ice-cream. Those were my favourite emojis I used before my phone broke. I had an iphone 7 matte black, now that’s expensive for me and probably anyone else, it was $1400. On a Sunday morning it feel in the toilet while I was taking a shit. I tried to recover it, but unfortunately it didn’t work. I loved my phone and I would do anything to get it back. I miss those emojis, but I gotta move on.

Ashton 100WC T4 W8

Click, Click. 
Today is my first day at the zoo as an employee. I may have the basics down but this is definitely going to be the hardest day of my career.
Swish, Swish.
Firstly I had to feed the female tigers at the south side of the park. It was a short and easy task that shouldn't take too long but in case of emergency, I have to take a taser. 
I entered the cage and straight away I knew something wasn't right the Tigers weren't around so I wandered around the cage to check but still nothing so I went back to the entrance and all of a sudden I felt sharp claws dig into me with tons of force. I tried to rip away but the tiger was blocking my escape.
Bang, Bang. 
I ran for my life and then my heart stopped.

Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Sam 100WC T4 W8

As me and Mia walk up to the circus I felt a rush of excitement and adrenaline. When we got into the circus it felt like a bomb of colour had gone off. The show was going really well until the tiger entered the ring and they asked for two volunteers. We got picked so we joined them on the stage. I remember the very words that the man said “just don’t look at the tiger in the eyes, and if you do run”. So we tried hard not to but we did. But the tiger was blocking our escape……

Monday, 4 December 2017


We were in a cave. It was snowing
outside and it was freezing cold.
We were climbing a mountain when
we started to get too tired to continue
so we decided to take a break.
That’s why we’re here, in a cave
right now. Then out of the blue
a tiger jumped out at me.
We tried to escape but the tiger
was blocking our escape.
This is the end I said to myself as
the tiger ran towards to us. I tried to
hide but it was too late. It jumped at
me and then everything just blacked out.

Corbin 100WC T4W8

Growl Growl Growl! There was some kind of animal in the bush. We went to run away from the growling but we heard some more so we stayed still and as quiet as we could. Then out of the blue the king tiger came 11 feet high and weighed around 300 kg. We were going to make a break away but the tiger was blocking our escape. We looked down to our legs and saw this cross so we started digging. We found 4 shotguns we all grabbed one and started shooting the tigers. But one more left the king.

Sunday, 3 December 2017

100WC WK8 T4 Alice

“OMG, Ava can we please go and see the tigers at the zoo?” Georgia pleaded her older sister. “Oh, why not” sighed Ava. The prowling, orange and black beast made Ava extremely uncomfortable. I would not like to be standing in that pen, Ava thought gladly. In the blink of an eye, the fencing crumpled under the weight of Ava and Georgia and they tumbled into the tiger’s territory. “AHHH!!” they both screamed in fear. “Far out, the tiger is blocking our escape!!!” Ava and Georgia panicked. The tiger let out a low growl and charged….. They were done for.

Bradley 100WC T4W8

We are going on field trip to the local zoo today I am so exited I can’t wait till we go. I am going to bring some money so I can get a milkshake. There is a baby giraffe at the zoo and many different animals including a new fully grown tiger. We are on the bus and have arrived at the zoo I want to see the tiger. It says not to tap the glass but Jimmy is a savage and pissed of the tiger, it smashed the window and ate jimmy's head the tiger was blocking our escape…

Rylee 100WC T4W8

Me and my younger sister would go on these amazing adventures after school. We would be surround by the lovely orchids that grew and grew until they reached the sky. We’d pretend that we were princesses living in a gigantic tower and the evil tiger was chasing after us, (we’d laugh about it after).  I spent all of the time there but Ruby not so much. She would always get scared that we would get in trouble but we never did. One day me and Ruby were side by side about the leave back through the trees but suddenly the tiger was blocking our escape…

Rylee 100WC T4W7

I hurried down the streets, wondering which way to turn. Kneeling down so tired from all of the running I did, I find myself in front of a security man. Drifting quietly inside I hear the pitter patter from the rain outside. I take my hat off and pull out my sandwich drizzling with marmalade.  My energetic mouth can’t hold it anymore and I need up taking the first bite. The white flames in the sky reflect from the moon into the water below. Shivering I try to keep myself out from the cold. I take a quick power nap ad suddenly my battery is full again.

Connor 100WC W8 T4

Jack "quick" I commanded. The Coast Guard is out and we have way over the legal limt of fish! Start the boat up he's heading towards us. The boat hit full speed as we skimmed across the waves like we were on surf boards. when it reached the sand we could see that the Coast Guard was still heading towards us so we both grasped the side of the chilli bin and started running for it. It was at least a good Four Hundred metres till the exit where we could jump in the car, but when we finally reached the exit there was a big vicious tiger blocking our escape...

Friday, 1 December 2017

Corbin 100WC T4W7

Wake up Richard it’s ten past eight. So I grabbed my sandwich as I dashed out the door. I whispered to myself “I'm going to be late for school”. I started sprinting then all of a sudden I forget my battery that I needed for technology to make something energetic. Then I sprinted out the door, again. Half way down the road I stole a bike from this old man about the age of 70. When I hurried into class people started laughing at me. Then I forget, I was wearing no clothes all you could see was a white boy.