Sunday, 17 September 2017


I was at a bead factory having a tour with my family.
I thought that it would be really boring but it wasn’t.
I stopped to see a massive lamp, a metre away
from me. I asked what it was used for,
They said that they used it to warm the beads.
The rest of the group hadn’t noticed that I had gone
missing. I touched it not realising it was wobbling.
As soon as I touched it, It went flying downwards.
It made a massive noise. When I looked down there
was beads everywhere and the lamp was smashed.


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  2. This story was funny and i enjoyed maybe you would enjoy reading our classes

  3. Hi, Madison. I have just joined Team 100WC and your story is the first one I have commented on.I really enjoyed reading your work and I was impressed with the variety of the sentence structures and your use of punctuation.I look forward to reading more of your stories. from Carol - 100WC

  4. Hi Madison,
    I like that you creatively described the way the lamb got smashed.
    Thank you for taking part in 100wc.


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